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Christopher R. Rice
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Default GURPS Websites: Blogs, Wikis, Feeds . . .

This thread is for websites related to GURPS. Whether it's blogs, wikis, pages devoted to a specific campaign, or anything in between - post them in this thread and I'll match them up in the headers of this post.

  • The Blind Mapmaker (by Blind Mapmaker): Various GURPSian content
  • Chandley's Stuff/Gurps (by chandley): has a collection of Animal templates, Dungeon Fantasy Races, and misc Transhuman Space stuff. Some have found it useful.
  • Dice and Discourse - (by JMason) A gaming blog covering my GURPS campaign, thoughts on GMing, the TTRPG industry, and gaming in general.
  • Dungeon Fantastic (by Peter V. Dell'Orto): My blog is almost entirely GURPS Dungeon Fantasy focused. I started it back in 2011. There are occasional off-topic forays into post-apocalypse, D&D, and gaming art. Lots of minis stuff, too, but it's on topic for my own games.
  • Gaming Ballistic (by DouglasCole): The blog has been running since December of 2012, and has about 50-60% GURPS content, a lot of it serious crunch. Common themes are wounding, damage, and fight pacing. I also host a monthly 'how to fight in GURPS' article collection called Melee Academy. I will occasionally write about Pathfinder (I'm doing a Core Rulebook read-through for novices like myself), as well as general inspiration from entertainment.
  • Game Geekery Blog (by mook): is "Musings on GURPS, the RPG hobby, and assorted Geekery."
  • Kromm's LiveJournal (by Kromm): There are two main channels relevant to GURPS:
    1. The brief, bulleted leaks I hand out every Friday evening, under the tag gurps.
    2. The rather wordy session summaries I post on weekends after I run my modern-day secret-agents campaign (weekly in winter, fading back to every two or three weeks in summer), under the tag the company.
  • Islands of War (by simulatoralive) Islands of War is a GURPS fantasy campaign setting involving a mixture of intrigue, politics and war, with a group of adventurers (the PCs) caught in the middle, due to bad/good luck (a matter of perspective on that one) and prophecy.
  • The Lonewolf's Den (by LoneWolf23k) I just started updating my livejournal again, with the intent of using it to detail this Furry Dungeon Fantasy setting I'm working on.
  • No School Grognard (by mlangsdorf): I started this blog in the spring of 2013 and update it several times a month, trying for at least a weekly update. It covers Actual Play reports of games I'm involved in, painting tips and experiences for Reaper Bones figures, house rules and gameplay suggestions for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, and a bunch of miscellania on role-playing games. About 2/3rds the content is GURPS Dungeon Fantasy related, I'd guess.
  • Nothing Gained (by Paul Stefko): I try to update every day, but only some entries are GURPS-related. (See the GURPS category for those entries.) My primary GURPS focus so far has been campaign prep, but I also post session recaps and general theory.
  • One Yard Hex (by ham2anv): A blog where I post the random gaming ideas, snippets, and rules that have accumulated on my hard drive over the years. Right now, it's pure GURPS, but I may put other stuff up as I dig it out.
  • Psuedoboo (by pseudonym): Has a lot of "thinking out loud" entries.
  • PK's Twitter Account (by PK): Is where I post occasional leaks, snippets, and tidbits. I also use it as a general micro-blog, however, so those bits are sprinkled among random thoughts, personal photos, witticisms, and so on. At the moment, GURPS leaks are a bit sparse due to the slushy queue, but when we're moving at normal capacity, I'd say gaming stuff makes up about 15-20% of my "tweets."
  • RPGSnob (by JP42): It's not entirely GURPS-specific, but I do spent a good deal of my time on GURPS-related stuff there.
  • Science Gamer (by Anthony): Random math/science and gaming related topics.
  • Shooting Dice (by Hans): is about "Guns and Gaming," mostly, but also about related topics.
  • Stuff in the Attic (by robertsconley): While I publish for classic editions of D&D most of my gaming is done with GURPS. I have released a bunch of useful GURPS files and on my Bat in the Attic blog. Finally collected them onto a page for easy access.
  • The Beggar's Crown (by tjbuege): A blog I recently started. It will mostly be a journal of my experience GMing a GURPS Fantasy campaign for the first time. The majority of posts will be session reports, with occasional rules questions (and answers) that arise during play, or design issues encountered while creating the campaign world.
  • thecheeseshop (by inflatus): thecheeseshop covers RPG topics and most are GURPS specific.
  • The Red Mouser (by Gotha) A blog on primarily focussed on GURPS, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

GURPS Campaign Specific Websites/Wikis
  • The Daniverse Game Blog (by Gigermann): A regular record of my ongoing campaign(s); currently on-deck: After the End (zombiepocalypse, with "normal folks" PCs).
  • Edgerunners (by Langy and Cernig): A GURPS cyberpunk campaign on Obsidian Portal. It includes a lot of stuff, from a number of house rules to AI templates to the very detailed, almost transcript-like (OK, created from actual transcripts) campaign adventure logs. Edgerunners won Campaign of the Month on OP back in October 2012, so apparently we're doing something right.
  • GURPS Ultima (by Archazz): A regular record of my ongoing campaign(s); currently on-deck: After the End (zombiepocalypse, with "normal folks" PCs).
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