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Default Re: [GM] a Gods tool - the Shell

Originally Posted by korbeau View Post
What I understand about Modular Abilities his you must have a top reach of the number of CP you put in there - that's what determine the cost of Modular Abilities.

What i need is a no limit slot and the slot include all what the character sheet can include.

Should it look like Modular Abilities (Cosmic +50%), cost [375] and I let a pool of 250CP? That way, he could put whatever CP point in whatever thing he want to?
For a Shell with a pool of 500cp, the cost of the advantage would be [750]?
You want Cosmic Modular Ability, not Modular Ability (Cosmic).

Cosmic Modular Ability ignores slots and costs 10cp per point of Modular Abilities you can buy. For example, if you have Cosmic Modular Ability 10, it costs [100] and you can freely generate any combination of GURPS traits that would normally cost 10 points at character generation.

A 'shell' that can spend 250 points would require 2500 cp.
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