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Default [GM] a Gods tool - the Shell

Sorry for my bad English – but at least, I’m friendly :)

In my actual Cabal campaign, after 10 years, the players will be about to touch the upper plane of reality and now, I must create a new sort of tools for the gods; the Shell.

In game term, a Shell is a blank host where energy can be store and becoming whatever the gods want – avatar, angels, demons, Great One, Human.. even These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know.. Now, I must put that in stats.

Here what I thought:
A purely blank shell is represent by a blank sheet with 250cp (for a standard one. Can be more or not). He have 10 in each attributes, no advantages, no disadvantages and no skills. If he want to spend CP, it take him 1 second per CP to pay what he need. It’s like being a huge “Modular Abilities”.

Example: a Shell need to drive a car. He have 10 in all attributes. For a skill at 12, he need to spend 8cp. It take him 8 seconds to be imbue with the skill driving/12 [8]. Of course, if he have time, he could put 40cp in DEX to boost it at 12 instead but… in this example, he don't have time to wait 40 seconds.

After he drive the car, he can take back the CP (at 1 second/cp) or keep the skill but, his cp pool is now at 242.

The only thing I can thought for the Shell is having him a Perk at 0 – Being a Shell

Someone have a better idea how I can manipulate the rules for building this kind of being? Having in mind that in 1 or 2 years, my PC will play that creatures for an epic session.
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