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Default "100 Years Ago Today" - Car Wars News

This thread is for "future news stories" that look back on our time as a retrospective, in the vein of the old '50 years ago today' stories we used to see in ADQ.

Come up with your own links in stories and be imaginative! "Constantly in motion is the future", so anything goes in imagining the future events that tie-in to your story...

***Which makes me think we need a "100 Years Ago Today" thread where relevant news links can be posted. If someone wants to create such a thread in the public Car Wars forum I would not object as long as it doesn't devolve into a string of political arguments and more noise than signal.

I would want to see links to news about:

* Weapons
* Medicine
* Auto tech
* Cutting edge research and advances
--(quote from Phil Reed, CW 6e forums)

I'm going to give it a shot with an automotive tech story here in a sec...
Our rarely updated CarWars blog & Hotwheel conversion tutorial: North Texas Autoduel Association

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