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Luke Bunyip
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Default Wanted: Disads for Underclass Dwarves

Am planning on running a one-off game involving dwarves poking around in an abandoned mine. I've set up a 150pt template for PCs, but I've used 118 points up in just building a basic character. However, I've only allocated 22 pts worth of disadvantages, namely:
  • Greed (15 or less)
  • Overconfidence (12 or less)
  • Sense of Duty (team) (Small Group)
  • Social Stigma (Second-Class citizen)

The last one on that list is relevant to the setting. Some of you helped me knock around ideas on the thread Dwarven Governance and Economics, and I like the idea of the extended family group/clan being the basic economic unit in a Dwarven society. I am running with the basic premise that mining operations are managed by one family, other families deal with the transport, maintenance, actual mining or geological surveying.

However, every society has orphans. If you couple a strong societal value on the care and upbringing of children, a distrust of people not associated with proven (ie reputable) families, and a user pays principle, I can see orphanages that contract out their teenagers / early twentysomethings as explorers and teams that patrol the depths and underground caverns. Where the nasty goblins and other unmentionables live...

Basically the former orphans are sent where no one else would wisely go. And in my humble opinion, perfect for PCs in a one off GURPS game.

Thusly Q: What additional disadvantages would be suitable for a young Dwarf, raised in an orphanage, and expected to be sent out exploring and patrolling the underground depths which lie below a Dwarven mine?
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