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Default brain class question

Another dispute that can only be resolved in the forum. The card states that no foes have special powers on bonuses against the brain class or any other class (es)you hold. The dispute is whether that means all powers and bonuses that foes have, or class specific targeted powers and bonuses. eg. +3 to Calvary or something. I drew a monster that said that any enhancers that were played on it were worth double. My friend said that the power doesn't count because I had the brain class. But the monster ability is global and not targeting the brain class. Thanks in advance for your clarification.
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Mister Ed
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Default Re: brain class question

All the Brain class means is that no monsters have bonuses specifically against the Brain class. It is actually quite lame unless you have the Super Munchkin card so you can add another class and avoid all the bonuses against that class as well. But even then, what you are avoiding is bonuses that are specifically targeted at that class. If you are a Brain, that does nothing to negate any bonuses targeted against anything BESIDES one of your classes. If a Monster has a bonus against your sex, for example, it still counts. Any bonuses that are general, and not having anything to do with your class, also still count.

Last edited by Andrew Hackard; 02-16-2013 at 04:50 PM. Reason: clarifying which Super Munchkin was meant
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