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Mark Skarr
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Default Sedition Wars—Personal Impressions

Well, we got our sets and this is what I’ve gathered from them so far . . ..

#1. Man, these maps are dark. They must not have been reviewed properly before they were printed. Or, the proofs they got back weren’t indicative of the final product. Still playable, though you do have to look close at some areas to see if that’s an open path or a wall.

#2. This isn’t a Fantasy Flight game. The counters are . . . poor. They did try to do a good job, and, it looks like this may have been a result of the rush to get them re-printed. They rip easily when punching them out, but, there’s nothing special about the counters, so they’re perfectly usable.

#3. Not all the cards are the same size nor the same texture. Nor even the same printing. Okay, that looks more like some are printed to be flipped vertically and some horizontally . . . haven’t found any other discrepancies, but we’re looking close.

#4. Great googly moogly, that’s a lot of figures. I got a “Keep Firing” set so, that’s three copies of the game and all the extra shwag. We’re looking at over 300 figures from that (and our GITD set) alone with about 100 more coming in the future. MonkeyFist is only about 1/3 through assembly what we already have.

#5. A lot (if not all) of the figures are requiring tooling. Either extensive pinning or heating and twisting to fit correctly (in some cases, both). Not really a problem, but, a little annoying. The plastic is stubborn and cools quickly so I only have a few seconds to get it aligned correctly before I have to re-heat it.

#6. The instructions are . . . odd. Sure, they make sense when you first read them, but, once you try to play the game, you spend a lot of time re-reading the manual. They’re poorly-organized, though they seem well-organized at first glance. And some rules seem to be missing. To make matters worse, there is a standing “Awaiting FAQ” thread at their forums that are only about 1% answered as of today (and the thread has been up since the 17th).

#7. The rules need to be more clear. In some cases a game-changing rule interpretation requires you to be intimately familiar with how each of the rules are written to catch subtle variations in phrasing.

#8. The balance is off. Even after taking some of the rules that had to be re-interpreted and the resulting “softening” of some of the units, the prices and abilities of the units don’t mesh.

#9. Heh! Cylons vs The Borg! AWESOME!

All-in-all, even with what I’ve said above, the game is good. We’re in the pay-to-play Beta phase, and, I hope, we’ll get new copies of the rule books when they go back in and re-write them (it’s desperately needed at this point). I hope they do this as the game shouldn’t be released to the general public with its rules in this state. You can tell there’s a great game here, it’s just covered by a bunch of mud.
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