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Default Halo d20: Project Freelancer (Recruiting)

Based on the web series Red vs Blue.

I plan on taking this in an alternate universe direction, and hope that someday this will become a full game with 50 agents. For now, I'm just looking for the first squad of 4. New blood will be added as the game progresses.


Project Freelancer, a special operations program leading the research of A.I. technology to advance future soldiers. As the best of the best, you have been enlisted as a part of the first squad to undergo the testing and training of Project Freelancer, and quite possibly the first soldier to work with an A.I. in the field.
After months of hard training, Project Freelancer has received it's first target to truly test its agents in the field. Known only as the Insurrection, it is a group of enormous size that has broken away from the UNSC, and the only group left in charge of this clean up duty, is yours.

As the study of the A.I. advances and nears the field testing stage of the research, the Director initiated the Leaderboard set up for his agents. This Leaderboard witnessed every movement and action the agents did on the field and in the training room. This was designed to mark a control for their future test with the A.I. to compare just how much more effective the agents would become. It was also announced that when the A.I.s would start being handed out for testing, they were going to start at the top of the list, so it has become a true contest between agents, some taking it far more serious than others.


The game itself has already begun since I found the first four member of Project Freelancer. Right now, I am looking to recruit more agents, up to 46 additional agents to have one for every state. With this many players as my goal, I will be able to mix up teams for mission to keep it fresh, have enough to do to keep me busy, and one person dropping out is not the end of the game.

If interested, the game is currently being run on the threads HERE. If interested, follow the character generation rules in d20 Modern and post your sheet and agent name in the recruitment thread.

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