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Old 12-21-2012, 12:30 AM   #1
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Default "Higher-Level"

While playing Munchkin, my friends and I began debating what the term "Higher Level" means on certain cards.

For example;
A Level 16, Undead Monster
The Wight Brothers
"Will not pursue anyone of Level 3 or below. Higher-Level characters lose 2 levels, even if they escape.

Bad Stuff: You are reduced to Level 1."

Our concern was, what exactly indicates a "Higher-Level". Is it the highest level character in the game? Is it the highest of the 10 levels beginning with Level 6? Does it mean the levels higher than the level the specific card states it will not pursue; in this scenario, Level 4 and above (because it will not pursue Level 3 or below)? Or does it concern the highest level character(s) in combat?
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Default Re: "Higher-Level"

It is referring directly to that previous statement on the card. So Level 4 and higher for the Wight Brothers.
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Default Re: "Higher-Level"

Thanks a bunch, Clipper. :)
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Old 12-21-2012, 02:11 AM   #4
six's monkey
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Default Re: "Higher-Level"

That seemed pretty clear to me to be the middle of your three choices.
Lvl 1-3 = will not be pursued if they choose to flee
Lvl 4-9 = will lose two lvls if they can't win and choose to flee
will be reduced to Lvl 1 if they then fail to flee
Lvl 10 = has already won, unless you're playing Epic rules, in which case, the Wight Bros are probably in serious trouble.

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Default Re: "Higher-Level"

The rules don't define the term "higher Level" in any specific way, so the card's context is the only thing we can judge from. Since the card gave a very specific case or range from which to work from, that's what we have to use. Other cards, of course, do the same, where they specify a value and go from there.

Also, please, please, please do not post questions on both this forum and the Munchkin 101 forum. It splits the discussion. I'm going to move the response to the other thread here, close that discussion, and make another plea to everyone to not do this.
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