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Phaelen Bleux
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Default [3e] USS Providence

USS Providence (TL5, 1775)
The Providence initial began service in the Revolutionary War as the Katy. She was commissioned by the Rhode Island General Assembly to protect merchant shipping from British marauders. She was taken into the Continental Army at the end of the year, and had a diligent career from 1775 to 1779. She was scuttled by her crew on 1779 to prevent her from falling into the hands of the British.
A replica of the USS Providence sits in dry dock at the Port of Providence, Rhode Island.

Subassemblies: Body with Mediocre hydrodynamic lines +7, one 90' Main Mast +0.
Powertrain: 3,240 sf of Bermuda and Jib-rigged Cloth Sails (sloop rig).
Occupancy: 6 officers, 22 seamen, 26 marines. Minimum crew is 1 driver + 2 sailors.
Cargo: 49 tons.

Armor: 3/5W overall

12x 4-pounder Cannons [Body:L,R] (100 shots each).
14x 50mm Swivel Guns [Body:L,R] (100 shots each).

Body: Navigation instruments, three cabins, 25 hammocks, 1,620 man-days provisions, 24 gunner crew stations, 3,200-lb. winch (capstan). On Deck: One 12-man cockboat.

Size: 65'x20'x90' Payload: 57.8 tons Lwt.: 109 tons
Volume: 11,277 cf. Maint.: 53 hours Price: $143,287

HT: 9. HPs: 4525 Body, 241 Main Mast.

wSpeed: 12.4 wAccel: 0.6 wDecel: 1 wMR: 0.05 wSR: 6
Draft: 9'. Flotation Rating: 321 tons.

Design Notes:
Structure is Medium with Standard materials. Waterproofed. Armor is DR 5 Standard Wood. Primitive controls. The ship is given the maximum mast height allowed for body size (p.VE9). Volume was calculated using the Builder’s Old Measure. The volume of the armor is included in the design as per the option on p. VEii5. Design draft was doubled for better realism.
WPS is 1.5x “pdr” (p. SW104), CPS is $3 x WPS (p. SW104) and VPS is WPS/150 (p. VE108).
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