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Mister Ed
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Default Re: Helping and running

Originally Posted by UncleBob View Post
Please don't take this as an "argument", but the owner of the combat cannot stop the helper from playing cards that effect the combat, correct?
Well, yes and no. Before the owner decides to Run Away, the helper can play any cards they wish. Once the owner decides to Run Away, I think the helper can only try to CONVINCE him to change his mind (which can include telling him you have those cards to play).

An official can correct me if I'm wrong, but I got the impression that, once the owner of the combat had declared that he was running away, you couldn't interrupt that with other cards unless they specifically say they can. I could be wrong, it may be that it doesn't become uninterruptable until dice are actually rolled (I'm pretty sure the combat owner can change his mind about running away until dice are rolled, so maybe somebody CAN play a card at that point to boost their total and take away the option to Run Away).

Maybe the tail end of this DOES need to be moved to the other forum. It is still dealing with basics of what can effect the decision to Run Away and when, but it seems to be getting a bit more in depth than this forum is intended for.
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Default Re: Helping and running

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
There's no point in arguing further, because I'm certain that Andrew and I have established in the other forum that it is the main player who decides when to give up and Run Away. You can argue all you want that there is no decision to make, but there is.
That's cool. I didn't read the rules that way (and really I'm still mentally mapping a game that had the 2.6 seconds joke) and was unaware of your previous ruling. Carry on.
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helper, run away

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