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Finding Neo
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Default Re: Tank (military-type) question

Originally Posted by Phoenix_Dragon View Post
Erm... I kinda doubt that, seeing as the Stug III doesn't have a turret :) It's got a casemate-mounted gun.

I imagine the turning of the tank to speed target acquisition is largely a side-effect of how you want to turn your tank to face any serious threat, anyway. The front armor is the thickets, and you usually want your heaviest armor toward the enemy.
I meant when whitman and co got into a Tiger they used both turret and turn to face the enemy quickly... taking lessons they had in a Stug III (which didn't have a turret).
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Default Re: Tank (military-type) question

Shermans I believe could not pivot or neutral steer, but had to move forward and to the left or right. German tanks could, but I do not know how fast. I know that even when I was in you didn't do it but on perfectly level ground and you usually didn't do it much for fear of throwing a track regardless of what vehicle you were in.
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Default Re: Tank (military-type) question

I think maybe I'd call it an HT or driving roll with some modifier (maybe hnd) or else you throw a track.

To keep it simple, I'm thinking of maybe just using the absolute value of hnd seconds per hex facing. Does that sound too fast? Maybe absolute value of hnd x 2 - accel seconds per hex facing?
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