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Default Re: Settings for DF

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
I like the post-apocalyptic idea.
Maybe the disaster was a demonic incursion that mortals barely won. But in some hidden areas small nascent portals still exist that must be destroyed lest the war start anew. These portals act as monster magnets.
Read up on the aftermath of the Black Death. That was very much a Medieval Post-Apocalyptic setting.
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Jürgen Hubert
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Default Re: Settings for DF

Once my Doomed Slayers setting is published (and it's in the hands of the layouters now), it should pretty much be perfect for Dungeon Fantasy - after all, it started out as an exercise in "how can we justify all those roaming bands of adventurers looting dungeons?"
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Default Re: Settings for DF

Originally Posted by Proteus View Post
The ice enfolds all, except those of us kept warm by the hidden sun of the Hollow Earth....

Take a map of the Arctic, lower the sea level a bit, and punch a hole through the crust at the North Pole. Call it the distant past, or an alternate world; the higher (TL3) civilizations exist on the coastlines, kept warm by water circulating through the passage to the Hollow Earth and its interior sun. The further south you go, the colder it gets, with mighty barbarians and ferocious beasts -- but there are dungeons, too, from the ancient days when the world was warmer. And, of course, you can have tropical and desert adventures with dinosaurs or giant amoebas or whatever if you know how to sail through the hole.
That actually gives me an idea, an upside-down version of the hollow earth setting in which the inhabitants of the hollow earth think (wrongly) that the outside world is all frozen (since they can't get past the polar ice), and only their wildest fantasists speculate about warmer areas outside...

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