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Default [DF] Shadowyrm -- One-Shot Beginner Adventure


In case it's not obvious, "Here there be dragons!"

In furtherance of my attempts to create a balanced set of templates for dragons, I've written a short, straightforward, one-shot adventure designed for four to five standard, beginning-level, 250-point player characters built with the GURPS Fourth Edition Basic Set Characters and Campaigns; Magic; and Dungeon Fantasy 1-3. No other books are needed, but I may use DF 8 to build the treasure. It's highly likely that this adventure can be easily adapted to use only GURPS Lite.

I'll write this as bare-bones as possible with very little fluff or window dressing -- I'll let the GM do the work fleshing this out into an immersing experience. This isn't an exercise in storytelling for me, just in creating a balanced one-shot dungeon.

My goal is to write a highly challenging, yet non-lethal dungeon. All player characters should survive however narrowly.

Suggested reading for GM's and players new to Dungeon Fantasy:

If you're not a GM, and your GM runs Dungeon Fantasy and frequents these forums, you may wish to read no further. ;)

Without further ado, onward to the adventure!
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