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Default Steed (Hireling) questions

Steeds (and some Hirelings) have price on them and can be sold for a level for example. It seems that they are treated like items. If this is true, does that means that I can put 2nd steed/ priced Hireling, in play so they would be carried and not used?
Additional question: is it legal to trade Steeds/priced Hirelings?
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Default Re: Steed (Hireling) questions

Most Steeds are Items and some Hirelings are too, yes. However, the rules also state that you can only have one Steed in play and one Hireling in play. This is like the restriction on Big Items (for which you can only carry one), but it is worded slightly differently ('have', not 'carry') as Steeds carry themselves (and you aren't carrying the non-Item Hirelings either). Yes, it is legal to trade these types of Steeds and Hirelings, as all Item-based rules apply to them.
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Default Re: Steed (Hireling) questions

All other Item-based rules, at least.

Yes, Steeds and Hirelings with gold piece values may be sold, traded, or lost to Curses or Bad Stuff which affect Items. However, you may only have one in play (a Cheat! card specifically gets around this). This is specifically stated in the rules for sets that come with Hirelings, Steeds, and Ships (since Ships and Steeds have very similar rules, though they are not the same thing).
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