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Default Re: Aspected Advanced TL?

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
The God of Futuristic Goodies has shared the secrets of 'Up through WW2 stuff'
That would be TL 3/7 probably, just note that it's early TL7 and many TL6 items are included but much of TL7 isn't.

The problem is that 'WW2 stuff' is the razor edge between TL 6 and TL 7, so thus 'things which logically seem to go together' such as Panzer IV's and Bazookas are placed in different TLs
Again the Variations within a Tech Level box is your friend.
Originally Posted by B p 511
Shortly after a TL begins, devices from the previous TL will be common
– along with experts in skills associated with those items. A player
could easily justify a PC with a personal TL one step below that of
his society, or with one or two skills that are several TLs out of date.
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Default Re: Aspected Advanced TL?

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Why would it be impossible for a World War II physicist to understand the principles and mechanics of a fusion bomb if they were explained to him?
It wouldn't, and I never said it would. I didn't know when I made that post what historical circumstances which Kalzazz might have been postulating when he asked "What would you think of how to cost 'TL 7, but only through WWII'?" and I was only offering an opinion on what technologies he might mean in that question, since it seemed to be confusing people.

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