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Default Re: Dwarves of the Shielded-Lands

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
I meant urban warfare as an analogue to fighting in dwarf caves, because there is no other analogue I could think of to dwarfish cave fighting(sapping, as done by humans, usually doesn't involve such large and complex caves as are traditionally described; it is enough to get under fortifications or prevent same).

In an underground fight of this kind, shield-walls would not be at a premium unless passages were very wide. Hearing would(to sense a sap made by the enemy around the passage you are in), digging(to get around a blocked passage or whatever). Traps certainly would as would be an important skill.
Three-d sense might be important in such a situation. Climbing would. Actually it might be good to ask if anyone here is a spelunker or knows one?
I agree with you that it would be more like that than pitched battles but when this conertion is finished it will be my first time running a style based campaign. So I'm also askin if the style works for that environment.

Though you will not the Rock Brother racial talent the both Dwarves have includes the Climbing Skill when used for Rock based climbing, be it mountain cliffs or spelunking.

though my settings Trap makers are Gnomes and Kolbolds... trying to cross the shield mountains anywhere other an approved pass is extremely hazardous ;)

Though the level of noise mining though the rock will result in means it not a prime attack vector as it will normally result more guard waiting for you at the entrest of your new tunnel than you can fit though the tunnel gap.

I see the shield wall as more as a portal barricaded in existing tunnels and to retain some defense when you push out into caverns.

Magic and Monster that can tunnel faster than mining an tunnel could change it a bit
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