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e23 Speculator
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Default The 2012 e23 Releases and Speculation Thread

Welcome to the 4th annual e23 releases and speculation thread! The first thread was maintained by SCAR in 2009; I maintained the 2010 and 2011 threads.

Here's the record of what's come out so far this year; my guesses for the next month are in Green. Disclaimer: I'm not privy to any inside information! Or am I?

January 5th: In Nomine: Liber Reliquarum
January 12th: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 1: Mirror of the Fire Demon
January 19th: Pyramid #3/39: Steampunk
January 26th: GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 5 - Tobibak
February 2nd: GURPS Classic: Fantasy Bestiary
February 9th: GURPS Classic: Conan
February 16th: GURPS Classic: Conan Beyond Thunder River, Pyramid #3/40: Vehicles
February 23rd: GURPS Classic: Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast
March 1st: In Nomine: Liber Castellorum, Munchkin Thingies
March 4th (GM's Day): Car Wars Combat Showcase, Car Wars Expansion Set 2, GURPS Classic: Magic Items 1, GURPS Classic: Screampunk, GURPS Traveller Classic: Ring of Fire, In Nomine: Angelic Player's Guide, In Nomine: Liber Servitorum, Uncle Albert's 2035 Catalog
March 8th: In Nomine Superiors 4: Rogues to Riches
March 15th: GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 3 - Granicus
March 22nd: Pyramid #3/41: Fantasy World-Building
March 29th: GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements
April 5th: GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 6 - Darkmoon
April 12th: GURPS Classic: Magic Items 2
April 19th: Pyramid #3/42: Noir
April 26th: In Nomine: You Are Here
May 3rd: GURPS Classic: Conan the Wyrmslayer
May 10th: GURPS Classic: Conan - Moon of Blood
May 17th: GURPS Classic: Castle Falkenstein
May 24th: Pyramid #3/43: Thaumatology III
May 31st: GURPS Classic: Castle Falkenstein - The Ottoman Empire
June 7th: GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys, Car Wars Division 5 Set 1 - Killer Kart vs. Shrimp
June 14th: Car Wars Division 5 Set 2 - Stinger vs. Firecracker
June 21st: Pyramid #3/44: Alternate GURPS II
June 28th: GURPS Locations: Hellsgate, Car Wars Division 5 Set 3 - Napalm vs. Dagger
July 5th: No release
July 12th: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen, Car Wars Division 10 Set 1 - Firedemon vs. Hammer
July 19th: Pyramid #3/45: Monsters
July 26th: Car Wars Division 10 Set 2 - Joseph Special vs. Scrambler
August 2nd: Car Wars Division 10 Set 3 - Eradicator vs. Blitz
August 9th: Car Wars Division 15 Set 1 - Hotshot vs. Piranha, GURPS Hot Spots: Constantinople, 527-1204 A.D.
August 16th: Car Wars Division 15 Set 2 - Lightstrike vs. Banshee
August 23rd: Pyramid #3/46: Weird Science
August 30th: GURPS Classic: Imperial Rome, Car Wars Division 15 Set 3 - Vindicator vs. Dragon
September 6th: Car Wars Arena Book 1
September 13th: GURPS Locations: Worminghall, Car Wars Division 5 Vehicle Guide
September 20th: Pyramid #3/47: The Rogue's Life
September 27th: GURPS Classic: Magic Items 3
October 4th: In Nomine Anime
October 11th: Car Wars Convoy
October 18th: Pyramid #3/48: Secret Magic
October 25th: GURPS Classic: Psionics
November 1st: GURPS Traveller Classic: Alien Races 4
November 8th: GURPS Classic: Robots
November 15th:Pyramid #3/49: World-Hopping
November 22nd: Classic item(s)
November 29th: Classic item(s)
December 6th: GURPS Banestorm: Martial Arts
December 13th: Classic item(s)

So far in 2012, there have been 60 Steve Jackson Games releases: 7 new GURPS supplements, 1 new non-GURPS item (Munchkin), 11 issues of Pyramid, 20 GURPS Classic items, and 21 non-GURPS Classic items (In Nomine and Car Wars).

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