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Default Elves of the Shielded-Lands

I want to fine tune my elves. But to do that I need a bit more into the history of the world first than i did with the Anthro-Penguins; due to the elves unaging nature.

Originally Posted by Creation
The First Intelligence in the Universe was board so it created a material plane. but as it was putting the last details into it's creation it realizes it was loney. So it then split itself in two. Installing its other half into a plane very close this world it was almost the same plane, which became Gaia while what was left was called Earthos. Some of this essence of the Being spilled out of the split onto the world, but did not come part of Gaia but instead gave form to the first dragons.

Earthos and Gaia, intrigued by the accident that formed the dragons, each decided to see what beings they could create on purpose. They created the Celstials and the Fey, that basically became their tools in shaping their domains. But these lack the indepenaces from their own natures that the dragons had. So they tried again. Thus Earthos created the Dwarves and Gaia the Elves, finding that mortality was they key. They were pleased wiith their creations but then wished for a joint creation, so together made the Humans.
During their period Gaia and Earth were content with working on the world and left the relations find their own ways. This resulted in the Age of the Dragons, where the Dragons subgated the elves, dwarves and humans. And only those of dragon blood wielded a type of magic. That the Settings calls Sorcery (getting it's source from blood-line).[Powers as Magic]

Things started to change once the Children of the Gods where 'born' Not only did children gods create the Halfings and Gnomes, they also convinced their paired to be more active and grant the gift of Divine Magic, [I'll probably use either a Divine Favor or Modular Abilities with Fickle (Reaction Roll) and Pact, not sure which, It will Depended on which i can make work better for a Parathion worship, but Casters having to declare a particular patron as thir main source]

The Gods now also provided safe haven for the mortal souls in their realms where the soul could revive itself in their godly patron's realm before being reborn into the mortal world.

The third source of Magic, the Wizards/Magi which manipulates the fact the Gaia is so close to the world that her essence the gives life to all living things weaves it self though the would normally providing normal mana in most places, but places weak on life like desert only have a weak covering of the weave so have low or non mana depending of the exact desert. plaes where the veil between the world and Gaia's realm is participial weak can be high mana (or worse). Places where the weave has been disrupted but not destroyed are places of Wild magic. [I'm not sure exactly which magic system I will use but it will be Skill based, Maybe GURPS Magic, maybe Ritural Path Magic]

Now Elves are often called the Mortal Fey and have an innate connection to Gaia, Mean they don't age due to time per-say but more reflect their maturity and zest for life, but they will not died naturally until they tire of mortal and free their soul to rest with Gaia. This connection also makes the sensitive to weave like a 6th sense.

After the gods tough the mortals how to free themselves from the dragons, a new age began The Age of Foundation. Most of the World's most power magical items were created during this age.

However not all the Children of Gaia and Earthos were benign towards the mortals. There was Luthus, whom’s sole joy his hate of others, goaded Farlorn, the god of chaos and destruction, with the fact that Farlorn was incapable of making things. The Age of Foundation came to end when Farlorn finally gave into the taught and to prove his brother wrong Did what was known as The Warping it to the existing races, animals and land 'twisted' some of them. Many of the Elves who were calling themselves Hīniendor where transformed in darker skinned mockeries that called themselves Hīnienvala (Though Humans if they are aware of them normaly just call them Dark Elves)

Not only where existing elves turn, but both sides seame to occasionally with unfathomable reasons bore children of the other kind. The Hīnienvala retreating into the caverns and tunnels of Hollowworld to esablish their own lands having been driven nocturnal.

Where the Hīniendor seek to live in harmony with Gaia life force and follow individual paths of perfection which they use to support other members. The Hīnienvala seek paths of power for their own selfish goals, barely conceded that Kin and Allies can be their own kind of power.

The Shield Mountain considered Sacred to Elmara a ground of lands collective from the worst of the warping, but not completely. This inudes the Elven land of Gwaithdor.

Gwaithdor is basically Social Democroacy with magical abadance where technically any member may sit in an participate in council meetings, however in practice only those who life paths taken down the path of community service, and such paths tend to rund in families, and the fact the elections are so rare by Human standards, the Humans tend to all it the Elven Kingdom, Who leader has be 'King' for longer than an human currently living has been alive. Elves just give the humans a knowing look and and let the miss understanding stand.

Gwaithdor is also home to many weak spoken in the veil where Gaia's fey can slip though with out realsing it at first. Gaia has organized her fey into two major courts that reflect the natures of Summer and Winter, headed by the Sidhe Queens Titania and Mab respectively. When Hīnienvala fled to Hollowworld, it was at the prompting og one of Mab's lieutenants Lilith so an oppunity for a power play. the Hīnienvala's worship of Lilith Propelder to full Godhood [Not consider part Patheaon of gods as defined by the Clerics of the Shielded Lands] She too many of her fey with her, Further distabling the balance of Summer and Winter cauged by the Warping. This resultined in the Wild Fey part of no court, though the Sidhe Oberon the earl king, claims their loyalty. Many of the Wild flay flead to and stayed permentl n the mortal lands, and love to play 'games' with the mortals. [Making 4 factions of the Fay, the Sumer, and Winter Courts both lyal to Gaia, the Dark Court loyal to Lilith, and the Wild Fey.]

Sages debate wither or not the Age of the Warping is over enough, while the chaos magics has greatly slowed it not completely stopped. But most agree that Holy war and the Sorcerer King was a major turning point the shield-lands societies. outlooks, there are no elves in Gwaithdor scientifically older than the holy war due to their unaging nature made them Immune to the Sorcerer King rejuvation spell that he used to turn worthy enemies back into toddlers, so instead he spared them no quarter in the War. (Human Clerics basically one that war)

It should be noted the as Gaia had a direct hand in created both elves and humans Half-elves of both kind an born of such unions, most such elves find greater welcome in Gwaithdor than in the human lands. (I will explain more when I detail the Human lands)

Here is the starting draft I have for my elves, please help me maek sure it refect the above.

Hīniendor (Elf) [40]

Attribute Modifiers: ST -1 [-10]; DX +1 [20].
Secondary Charactristics: Modifiers: Per +1 [5].
Advantages[B]: Apperance (Universal Androgynous Attractive) [5]; Magery 0 [5]; Night Vistion 5 [5]; Unaging [15]; Voice [10].
Disadvantages: Sense of Duty (Nature)[-10]; Intolerane (Hīnienvala) [-5].

Tieenohtar [4]

Skills: Bow; Fast-Draw(Arrow); Stealth.
Techniques: Close Combat (Bow); Retain Weapon (Bow).
Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting; Kiai; Zen Archery.
Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Attack (Bow).
Perks: Special Exercises (Arm ST +1) up to three times, allowing Arm ST +3; Strongbow; Sure-Footed (Slippery).

Optional Traits
Secondary Characteristics: Improved Per.
Advantages: Acute Vision; Fit; Heroic Archer; Weapon Master (Bow).
Skills: Armory (Missile Weapons); Bow Art; Broadsword; Camouflage; Climb; Soldier.
Perks: Weapon Bond.

Notes: House Rule, Weapon Master (Bow) gives a Parry with at Bow/2+3 with -4 for ever iterative without ruining the bow.

Hīnienvala (Dark Elf) [40]

Attribute Modifiers: ST -1 [-10]; DX +1 [20].
Secondary Charactristics Modifiers: Per +1 [5].
Advantages: Apperance (Universal Androgynous Attractive) [5]; Dark Vision [25]; Magery 0 [5]; Unaging [15]; Voice [10].
Features: Night Vistion 5 [0].
Disadvantages: Bully (12) [-10]; Intolerane (Hīniendor) [-5]; Sadism (12) [-15]; Selfish (12)[-5].

Tieenvala [2]

Skills: Broadsword;
Techniques: Counterattack (Broadsword); Feint (Broadsword); Targeted Attack (Broadsword Swing/Arm); Targeted Attack (Broadsword Swing/Neck); Targeted Attack (Broadsword Swing/Skull); Targeted Attack (Broadsword Thrust/Neck); Targeted Attack (Broadsword Thrust/Vitals).
Cinematic Skills: Mental Strength; Power Blow.
Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Attack (Broadsword); Dual-Weapon Defense (Broadsword); Timed Defense (Broadsword); Whirlwind Attack (Broadsword).
Perks: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Broadsword);
Unusual Training (Dual-Weapon Attack, Both attacks must target the same foe).

Optional Traits
Advantages: Ambidexterity;
Skills: Breath Control; Fast-Draw (Sword); Shortsword; Tactics; Shield.
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