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Default Crew Roster, TSS Hiawatha [Hero Class]

Post Approved Characters here, please,if you're playing in pup67vargr's "Voyages of TSS Hiawathwa" GURPS Traveller game. (Approval to be obtained in the OOC thread first.) One character per post, with NAME, RANK, and CREW POSITION in the title. (Ahh, this is less critical now that I've put a summary of this information further down in this post.)

Characters to be built on 160 points plus a MAX of 50 pts disads and a MAX of 5 pts of quirks. Any non-Terran character will need to have a very good reason for being with this crew!

Here's the link to the online dice roller, just in case somebody needs it: Invisible Castle
Follow the link, log in, and choose "Roll Dice." After rolling, copy the link to the roll on your computer clipboard and paste it to your post where the die roll was needed. This is probably far too basic, and maybe insulting to players' intelligence, but I figured better safe than sorry.

Crew of the Hiawatha:
Officer #1 (Captain Moon Han Eul) Sensors/Commo -- doulos05
Officer #2 (First Officer, Commander Sharmila Singh) Pilot -- MisterJuan
Officer #3 ([Commander] Dr. Zübeyde Chevalier) Ship's Doctor -- sn0wball
Petty Officer #1 (Senior Chief Julio Wu) Specialist/Interpreter/Gunner(Turret #1) -- sn0wball
Petty Officer #2 (Chief Silvester O'Donnell) Steward-Purser/Cargo Master/Gunner(Turret #2) -- doulos05
Petty Officer #3 (Chief Kgosi Kwabena) Engineer/Mechanic -- MisterJuan

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Default Re: Crew Roster, TSS Hiawatha [Hero Class]

At Prometheus, the Hiawatha unloaded 100% of her freight carried of 77dT of raw materials eifor pharmacauticals. Fee = CR 61,600.

As scheduled, Hiawatha took on a 30dT load of medicines bound for the outpost on Ninkur Sagga, and was paid HALF the freight fee in advance, or CR 41,250. The remaining CR 41,250 will be collected upon delivery on Ninkhur Sagga.

Also at Prometheus, you take on two passengers bound for Barnard, and their associated private, personal cargo of 2dT. The fee for the passage and freight is paid in advance and is 8,600CR.

INCOME SO FAR: 61,600(Cargo to Prometheus) + 41,250(cargo to NinkurSagga - half) + 8,600(passengers to Barnard) = CR 111,450
Next stop: Barnard 1926/Terra (55.5dT available cargo space for the trip to Barnard, if you wish to actually buy speculative cargo or something....)

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Default Re: Crew Roster, TSS Hiawatha [Hero Class]

Reserved for GM use.
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Default Moon Han Eul, Captain, TSS Hiawatha

Character summary for Captain Moon Han Eul, the ship's Korean captain and Sensors/Commo officer.

Captain Moon was an rising star in he Terran navy. Trained as a Sensors/Commo officer, he demonstrated an intuitive, almost effortless grasp of naval strategy and starship handling. Rising quickly through the ranks, he was placed in command of a Richtoven class missile boat for the invasion of Nusku. While flying escort for the invasion fleet, he engaged a pair of Imperial boats closing on the fleet. Though he disabled them both, the fight severely damaged his own vessel. With power and computer systems failing, Moon faced a choice. Remain in space until rescue and hope no Imperial ships located them or attempt to land the stricken vessel. When a pair of fighters vectored towards him, he made a choice that haunts him to this day.

As the pilot took their ship into the atmosphere, a failing Gravitic tube* cause him to enter too fast. By the time Moon realized their mistake, it was too late. The wind forces sheared off a control surface, sending the ship into a flat spin from which it never recovered.

The crash site was near one of the main LZs for the invasion force, but the Marines were too late for Moon's crew. His pilot died in his arms hours before the marines could reach the crash site. The crash shattered 3 discs in Moon's back and he spent nearly a year in recovery.

Moon's back never fully recovered and neither did his conscience. Plagued by nightmares and survivor's guilt, he mustered out of the Terran Navy and joined the merchant marine, where he was assigned to the Hiawatha. The far more leisurely pace of merchant life has been a welcome break for Moon. The last 90 days have been placid, an amazing break. He hoped this would last, but somehow it seems unlikely...

Note, Moon is a traditional Korean, meaning he places his family name first when writing and saying his name. Calling him Captain Eul is right out. Obviously, the Vilani won't know that, but for the other PCs, just an FYI.

*A Gravitic tube serves the same function as a pitot tube on an airplane (though obviously it functions differently as there is no air in space). It detects g-forces acting on the vessel and feeds those to a computer which provides real-time telemetry and vector information for the ship, allowing the pilot track his speed and direction of movement accurately.

Attribute Modifiers: +100
ST 10 [0]
DX 12 [40];
IQ 13 [60]
HT 10 [0]
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: +0

Advantages: +61
Talent (Intuitive Admiral) 2 [20]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Merchant Rank 3 (Captain) [15]
Language: English (Spoken and Written @ Native) [6]
Courtesy Rank 3 (Lieutenant: Terran Navy) [3]
Deep Sleeper [1]
Looks Good in Uniform [1]
Cultural Familiarity (Terran) [0]
Language: Korean (Spoken and Written @ Native. Native language) [0]
Disadvantages: -50
Guilt Complex [-5]
Post Combat Shakes (CR 12) [-5]
Sense of Duty (Anybody aboard his ship or under his care) [-5]
Addiction: Cigars (Expensive, Highly Addictive, Legal) [-10]
Nightmares (CR 6) [-10]
Bad Back (Mild) [-15]
Skills: +54
Administration (A) IQ+1 14 [4]
Brawling (E) DX+1 13 [2]
Carousing (E) HT 10 [1]
Computer Operations/TL 10 (E) IQ+2 15 [4]
Computer Programming/TL 10 (H) IQ 13 [4]
Electronic Operations/TL 10 (Comms) (A) IQ+1 14 [4]
Electronic Operations/TL 10 (Sensors) (A) IQ+1 14 [4]
Free Fall (A) DX 12 [2]
Guns/TL10 (Pistol) (A) DX+1 13 [2]
Leadership (A) IQ+2 15 [2]
Navigation/TL 10 (Hyperspace) (H) IQ-1 12 [1]
Savoir-Faire (Military) (E) IQ+3 16 [2]
Shiphandling/TL 10 (Starship) (H) IQ+4 17 [12]
Spacer/TL 10 (E) IQ+4 17 [4]
Strategy (Space) (H) IQ+1 14 [2]
Vacc Suit/TL 10 (A) DX+1 13 [4]

Features: -5
Quirk: Alcohol Intolerance
Quirk: Attentive
Quirk: Careful
Quirk: Expression (Doesn't use articles properly, as in "The James is here with a money.")
Quirk: Humble

Equipment: (80% of his starting wealth was not spent. I'm assuming that since we're on a ship, that 80% means he has a wardrobe and other small, common stuff (lighters, etc), that any normal person would have in his cabin).
Advanced Rebreather $200
Assault Boots $150
Palmtop Computer w/ Tiny Computer $150
Entertainment software w/ games $200
Broken-level Low Vilani Translator w/ database $1000
Technical Reference (+2 to armory) $50
Word Processing Software $0
First Aid Kit $50
Smart Vacc Suit w/ Flexible Space Helmet $5500
H&K USP .40 S&W $770
3 Magazines
Nanoweave Suit $1200
Nanoweave gloves $30
Remaining Cash: $554

Design Notes: The Talent comes from ISW, basically it's a 'commanding a ship' talent. I marked cigars up from regular tobacco because they are substantially more expensive. Also, the nature of the Flashbacks is flashing back to that battle and the crash landing. Triggers I envision include dangerous landings (routine ones should be fine), pairs of echos (unidentified sensor targets) or bogies approaching the ship, and being anywhere near a downed ship. Also, the main way that 'careful' expresses itself is that Captain Moon has written a kludge-y 'backup' gravitic tube program for the computer which takes the sensor data from large, relatively stationary objects like planets and computes the ships velocity. He has both 'speedometers' on his display, and will insist the pilot does the same. His is relatively accurate, but the updates lag by up to 2 seconds (much like gauging your speed using a GPS instead of the speedometer on your car).

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Default Re: Crew Roster, TSS Hiawatha [Hero Class]


Sharmila Singh is now 38 years old, and has been working as a freelance pilot for the past few years. Born in India, she has slight tanned skin, with large brown eyes, high cheekbones and long black hair, which she usually pulls very tight in a pony tail or a bun. Standing at about 5'5'', she carries herself rigidly and rarely has anything else but a stern look on her face. Not a particularly friendly person, Sharmila has a well deserved repution of being ruthless, but extremely efficient.


STATS (100)
ST: 10
DX: 12
IQ: 13
HT: 10

Basic Lift: 20
Basic Speed: 5.5
Basic Move: 5

HP: 10
Will: 13
Per: 13
FP: 10

ADV (54)
3D Spatial Sense (10)
Appearance, Beautiful (12)
Charisma 2 (10)
Courtesy Rank 5, Commander, Terran Navy (5)
G-Experience (Zero Gravity) (1)
Merchant Rank 2 (10)
Language: English, Native (6)
Language: Hindi, Native (0)
Cultural Familiarity: Terran, Native (0)

DISADS (-47)
Bloodlust (-10)
Callous (-5)
Intolerance (Non Terran) (-5)
Fanaticism (-15)
Reputation (Ruthless Killer) -4, Almost Everyone except non Terrans, 10 or less (-7)
Workaholic (-5)

Habit: Vegetarian
Habit: Very tidy
Incapable of taking a compliment

Acting 13 2
Administration 13 2
Computer Operation 13 1
Detect Lies 11 1
Diplomacy 13 4
Electronic Operation (Comm) 12 1
Electronic Operation (Sensors) 12 1
Fast Talk 12 1
Free Fall (with +2 from 3D Spatial Sense) 14 2
Gunner (Beams) 12 1
Guns (Pistol) 13 2
Intelligence Analysis 11 1
Interrogation 13 2
Intimidation 12 1
Judo 11 2
Knife 12 1
Leadership (with +2 from Charisma) 15 2
Navigation (+2 3D Spatial Sense) (Hyperspace) 14 1
Navigation (+2 3D Spatial Sense) (Space) 15 2
Piloting (+1 3D Spatial Sense) (Aeropsace) 13 2
Piloting (+1 3D Spatial Sense) (High Perf. Spacecraft) 14 4
Savoir Faire (Merchant) 13 1
Savoir Faire (Military) 14 2
Shiphandling (Spaceship) 11 1
Shiphandling (Starship) 14 8
Spacer 14 2
Stealth 12 2
Strategy (Space) 13 4
Vacc Suit 12 2

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Default Re: Crew Roster, TSS Hiawatha [Hero Class]

Dr. Zübeyde Chevalier technically is not a Terran, but a Martian, since she grew up as a spaceport brat on Phobos High Port, an old space station from the prejump period of Terran colonialism. Being born in 2143, the Third Interstellar War and the bombing of Terra is just a vague childhood memory. Her parents, scientist and and muslims of a modern and liberal denomination, ensured that their bright and talented daughter got the very best in education. Then during a terraforming project on Mars, her parents drank in an artificial Mare, leaving her uneasy around water and letting her turn to faith. Before studying life sciences, dabbling in a few other related subjects, including forensic medicine on Luna and finally graduating in medicine, she served her year in the navy, but not without afterthought. She is insatiably curious about the universe and the lifeforms it holds. The way to see them is the Merchant Marine. Having a powerful knack with people, she is accustomed in getting what she wants.

She is young, curious, talented, but lacking practical experience, open minded, unprejudiced, even against the Imperium, slightly gullibile, faithful and she will convert you, sooner or later.

Zübeyde is a very slim, petite person, giving away her spacer origins, of a mixed origin with african, middle eastern and european roots. She looks pretty and comes across very outgoing and open minded. She usually wears at least one eye-catching piece of clothing or accessoir that hints at an arabian or muslim background.

160 Points

Strength (ST):;7
Dexterity (DX):;12
Intelligence (IQ):;13
Health (HT):;12
Fright Check:;13
Basic Speed:;6
Basic Move:;6

Advantages & Disadvantages
Appearance (Attractive);4
Charisma 1 (+1 to Influence rolls) 5
Charitable, CR: 12 (Quite Often).;-15
Code of Honor (Professional);-5
Cultural Familiarity (Terran);0
Curious, CR: 12 (Quite Often).;-5
Language: English: Native, -6; Spoken (Native), +3; Written (Native), +3.;0
Language: Vilani: Spoken (Broken), +1; Written (Broken), +1.;2
Minor Addiction (Coffee);-1
Odious Personal Habit (Proselytizes her patients); -1 Reaction;-5
Truthfulness, CR: 12 (Quite Often).;-5
Rank 2, Starship Officer: Merchant;10
Status 1, Doctor;5
Talent (Healer) 2;20
Thalassophobia (Oceans), CR: 12 (Quite Often).;-10
Trademark (Arabian Accesoir)-1
Vow (Five Pillars Of Islam);-5

Beam Weapons/TL10 (Pistol);13;2
Biology/TL10 (Earthlike);12;4
Body Language;12;1
Computer Operation/TL10;13;1
Current Affairs/TL10 (Science & Technology);13;1
Detect Lies;14;1
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Sensors);12;1
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Communications);12;1
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Medical);13;2
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Scientific);12;1
Environment Suit/TL10;12;2
First Aid/TL10;15;1
Free Fall;12;2
Geography/TL10 (Physical, Hostile Terrestrial);11;1
Hazardous Materials/TL10 (Biological);12;1
Naturalist/TL10 (Earthlike);11;1
Naturalist/TL10 (Hostile Terrestrial);11;1
Pharmacy/TL10 (Synthetic);13;1
Physiology/TL10 (Humans);14;2
Piloting/TL10 (Contragravity);11;1
Public Speaking;13;1
Theology (Islam);12;2
Vacc Suit/TL10;12;2


Smart Vacc Suit: (ULTRATECH)

"An improved civilian vacc suit design using advanced nano-catalytic systems to reduce the life support system’s bulk. The suit has built-in biomedical sensors (p. 187). It is sealed with the addition of a vacc suit helmet (p. 180), providing climate control (-459° F to 250°F) (p. 171), pressure support (p. 171) up to 10 atmospheres, radiation protection (PF 2) (p. 171), and vacuum support (p. 171). A vacc suit takes 30 seconds to put on or take off, though this time can be halved with a successful Vacc Suit skill roll."
DR 6, LC4, Weight 15, Power: 2C/36 Hours, Cost: $5000, 12 hour air supply, extensible with air tanks

Biosniffer (TL10): An advanced (TRAVELLER:ISW)
chemsniffer that can recognize and
analyze evidence of biological organisms.
The biosniffer could determine
what type of life forms had previously
occupied an area by picking up characteristic
molecules produced by their
exhalation, skin flakes, and so on. It
could then compare them to a database
included in the device’s computer,
helping the user track specific
organisms or species. Range is five
yards. Previously unknown life forms
will impose a penalty to the
Electronics Operation (Sensors) roll
to successfully use the device. $2,000,
2 lbs., 2 weeks.

Pocket Analyzer (TL9, Pharmacy): These systems are basic equipment (ULTRATECH)
for analysis of small samples. They are -5 for other
tasks. $500, 0.6 lbs., 2B/5 hr. LC4.

TL10 Palmtop Computer with Tiny Computer, 500$, 0.6 lbs, Complexity 3 (Traveller ISW)
A bundle of Holodiscs with openly available biological data about non-Terran lifeforms, 500$ (?)

Communicator, Medium Range
(TL8): A palm-sized radio, with a base
range of 100 miles and video display. $400, 1 lb., 15

Night Vision Contacts (TL9): Night Vision 7 and 1¥ (ULTRATECH)
magnification. $200, neg. LC4.

Survival Watch (TL10) (ULTRATECH)
A heavy-duty wristwatch built to survive in extreme
environments. It includes a biomonitor (p. 197), a
chronometer, a GPS (p. 74) receiver, an inertial compass
(pp. 74-75), a magnetic compass, a homing beacon (p. 105),
and a tiny computer (p. 77) with a small 2-D display (about
one square inch). The watch is usually voice controlled. It is waterproof,
and can survive 10 atmospheres of pressure or a vacuum. It
is powered by a small flywheel battery that can be
recharged by body motion. If not worn, it goes to sleep for
up to five years, turning off all functions except timekeeping.
A vigorous shaking will power the watch up to full
operation. $300, 0.5 lbs., B/3 months. LC4.

Expedition Suit (TL10) (ULTRATECH)
This suit uses nanocatalytic filtration systems and transistor
thermocouples woven into the fabric for heating,
cooling, and recycling liquid waste. It recycles 95% of the
user’s body fluids and provides climate control (-120°F to
120°F). It prevents heat exhaustion with micropores which
enable it to “breathe.” These pores can also seal shut in hostile
environments. Worn with an air mask (p. 176), it is
sealed. If the suit runs out of power, it provides climate control
(-50°F to 90°F) and cannot recycle. DR5, 1500$, 6lbs
No unconsenting english phrases were harmed during the writing of this post.

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Default Re: Crew Roster, TSS Hiawatha [Hero Class]

I didn't turn mine into readable text, I had to just type it in. I had hoped there was a way, but unfortunately not.
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Default Re: Crew Roster, TSS Hiawatha [Hero Class]

Kgosi Kwabena
Engineer / Mechanic

Late 40s

ATT (120)
ST 13
DX 10
IQ 13
HT 13

HP 13
Will 13
Per 13
FP 13

Basic Lift 34
Basic Speed 5.75
Basic Move 5

ADS (23)
Arm ST 2 (Both Arms) 10
Courtesy Rank 2 (Terran Navy, Chief Engineer) 2
Fit 5
G-Experience (Zero G) 1
Mechant Rank 1 5
Language: English (Native) 0
Cultural Familiarities (Terran) 0

DIS (-45)
Compulsive Gambling -5
Debt 10 -10
Easy To Read -10
One Eye -15
Sense of Duty (The Crew) -5

Very Loud Laugh -1
Proud -1

Armoury (Heavy Weapons) 13 2
Armoury (Vehicular Armor) 13 2
Brawling 12 4
Carousing 14 2
Computer Operations 14 2
Computer Programming 12 2
Electrician 13 2
Electronics Repair (Comms) 14 4
Electronics Repair (Computers) 13 2
Electronics Repair (Medical) 13 2
Electronics Repair (Sensors) 14 4
Engineer (High Performance Spaceraft) 12 2
First Aid 13 1
Fishing 13 1
Free Fall 11 4
Gambling 13 2
Guns (Pistol) 10
Machinist 12 1
Mathematics (Applied) 12 2
Mechanic (Aerospace) 14 4
Mechanic (High Performance Spacecraft) 14 4
Mechanic (Jump Drive) 14 4
Savoir-Faire (Military) 14 2
Spacer 15 4
Vacc Suit 11 4
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Default Re: Crew Roster, TSS Hiawatha [Hero Class]

Silvester O'Donnell is a first class negotiator and contract man. He's spent years perfecting his style, tailoring his skills to the trading market. A black belt in college, he has kept up his Goju Ryo skills largely because they're his most effective defense. He is fully able to defend himself, but he finds himself constitutionally unable to intentionally kill another human being. In addition to his self-defense skills, he carries an Electric Stun Baton and a Heavy Laser Flashlight (with a self-defense Dazzler mode intended to temporarily blind the target).

While he isn't gullible, he sees himself as a rich philanthropist and shares his money perhaps too liberally with those around him. He is also extremely impulsive and regularly makes snap decisions without too much time or thought invested.

Attributes: +75
ST 11 [10]
DX 11 [20]
IQ 12 [20]
HT 10 [0]
Will 13 [5]

Advantages: 66
Business Acumen 2 [20]
Contact Group (Business Associates on Nusku) [5]
English (Native) [0]
Fashion Sense [5]
High Vilani (Accented) [4]
Imperial Cultural Familiarity [1]
Low Vilani (Native) [6]
Merchant Rank 1 (Terran) [5]
Terran Cultural Familiarity [0]
Voice [10]
Wealth (Terran)(Comfortable) [10]
Convincing Nod [1]
Style Familiarity (Karate - Goju Ryu) [1]
Unusual Training (Breaking Blow, Only Against braced targets out of combat) [1]

Code of Honor (Professional) [-5]
Compulsive Generosity (6-) [-10]
Gluttony (12-) [-5]
Impulsiveness (12-) [-10]
Jealousy [-10]
Overconfidence (12-) [-5]
Pacifism (Reluctant Killer [-5] (Per the RAW, reluctant killer doesn't apply to targeting vehicles, even if the vehicle is known to be occupied so it won't affect his ability as a gunner unless you instruct him to engage real people)

Minor Allergy (Shellfish)
Cannot refuse a debate
Horrible Hangovers
Incompetence (Guns)

Accounting (IQ/H) -11[0]
Administration (IQ/a) -13 [0]
Beam Weapons/TL10(Projector) (DX/E)-13 [4]
Breath Control (HT/H)-8 [1]
Carousing (HT/E)-10 [1]
Computer Operations/TL10 (IQ/E)-12 [1]
Computer Programming/TL10 (IQ/H)-10 [1]
Cooking (IQ/A)-8 [0]
Current Affairs/TL10 (Business)(IQ/E)-13[2]
Current Affairs/TL10 (Headline News, Sports, Terran Confederation)(IQ/E)-9[0]
Diplomacy IQ/H)-13 [2]
Driving/TL10(Automobile) (DX/A)-10 [1]
Fast Talk (IQ/A)-20[24] *
Finance(IQ/H)-10 [0]
First Aid/TL10 (Human) (IQ/E)-13 [2]
Freight Handling/TL10 (IQ/A)-12 [2]
Gunner/TL10 (Missiles) (DX/E)-12 [2]
Gunner/TL10 (Sandcasters) (DX/E)-8 [0]
Gunner/TL10 (Lasers) DX/E)-8 [0]
Hazardous Materials/TL10 (Chemical)-11 [1]
Housekeeping (IQ/E)-13 [0] *Left in case some Steward duties require this
Karate (DX/H)-11 [4]
Elbow Strike (Karate) (Tech/A)-10 [1]
Leadership (IQ/A)-12 [2]
Market Analysis (IQ/H)-12 [0]
Merchant (IQ/A)-16 [12]
Musical Instrument (Guitar) (IQ/H)-10 [1]
Public Speaking (IQ/A)-14 [2]
Shortsword (DX/A)-12 [4]
Spacer/TL10 (IQ/E)-12 [1]
Streetwise (IQ/A) - 12 [2]
Vacc Suit/TL10 (DX/A)-10[1]

Equipment List to follow.

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Default Re: Crew Roster, TSS Hiawatha [Hero Class]

Senior Chief Julio Wu, formerly Master Chief, Terran Navy, Marines, does not at first sight appear the troubled man he is. Big, strong, good looking, gifted with the voice of a tenor, he looks like he should be walking the sunny side of life. But a gloomy shadow from the past seems to follow him. He served with the Terran Navy Marines as a technical specialist, Entry and Obstacle Removal. Inofficially he also served as a translator, due to his obvious knack for the Vilani language. Early in the war, his ship, the Sweyn Forkbeard, a commerce raider, was preying deep behind the enemy lines. It didn´t take long for disaster to strike - they ran into a trap. According to the log that eventually reached Terra some radio source on the ship broke communication silence and altered the Imperial Navy. The Sweyn Forkbeard gave a good, but desparate fight. Only a few crew members survived the destrcution of the craft, Wu among them. Instead of taken prisoner, a high ranking Vilani officer forced him into his service as a personal valet and translator. This experience and the following years in Vilani service, surrounded by enemies, without any chance to escape, left him mentally scarred. It was only the invasion of Nusku that freed him from servitude.

He doesn´t talk about the time before. And it looks like he is actively trying to forget, as if some terrible secret haunts him. The method employed is quite traditional: people have been drinking to forget for millenia. This has already begun to take its toll on his body. Its plain to see that he hasn´t been this chubby before. And although he sings rather beautifully, having him sing to himself during work in High Vilani is rather annoying. Years pf exposal to Vilani culture seem to have effected him: he does things by the book and isn´t particularily interested in anything else.

Despite all this, his inside knowledge of Vilani culture and language is invaluable and very hard to find or acquire. Additionally, he knows his way around a starship, with the specialty of making his way, by blowing things up either from the inside, or, being crosstrained as a gunner, from the outside. Also, a Marine technician is still a Marine.

Attributes: 100 Advantages: 49 Disadvantages: -45 Quirks: -3 Skills: 59

Strength (ST):;12
Dexterity (DX):;12
Intelligence (IQ):;12
Health (HT):;10
Fright Check:;14
Basic Speed:;5,5
Basic Move:;5

Advantages & Disadvantages
Appearance: Attractive, +4.;4
Code of Honor (Soldiers);-1
Combat Reflexes;15
Cultural Familiarity (Vilani), 2
Cultural Familiarity (Terran), 0
Guilt Complex;-5
Heavy Drinker, -1
Incurious, CR: 12 (Quite Often).;-5
Language: English 0
Language: High Vilani, Spoken (Native), +3; Written (Native), +3.;6
Language: Low Vilani, Spoken (Accented), +2; Written (Accented), +2.;4
Likes Revolvers;-1
Odious Personal Habit (Sings to Himself in Vilani); -1 Reaction;-5
Overweight, +1 ST vs. knockback;-1
Rank 1: Merchant Marine: Chief;5
Courtesy Rank 2:, Military Rank: Petty Officer;2
Secret (? : Imprisonment);-20
Sense of Duty (Friends & Companions);-5
Weapon Bond (Favorite Revolver: Ruger Super Redhawk), 1

Area Knowledge (Dingir Subsector);12;1
Area Knowledge (Nusku);12;1
Armoury/TL10 (Small Arms);12;2
Armoury/TL10 (Armor);11;1
Computer Operation/TL10;12;1
Cooking (Vilani Cuisine);12;1
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Communications);11;1
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Security);12;2
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Sensors);12;2
Explosives/TL10 (Demolition);12;2
Forced Entry;12;1
Free Fall;12;2
Gunner/TL10 (Beams);13;2
Gunner/TL10 (Missiles);14;4
Guns/TL10 (Pistol);14;4
Guns/TL10 (Rifle);13;1
Mechanic/TL10 (High-Performance Spacecraft);11;1
Musical Instrument (Keyboard);10;1
Savoir-Faire (High Society - Vilani);12;1
Savoir-Faire (Military);12;1
Savoir-Faire (Servant);12;1
Vacc Suit/TL10;12;2


Charter Arms Undercover, .38 Special 2d-1 pi 1 90/1,000 1.2/0.17 3 5(3i) 9 -1 2 $350
Taurus Mod 608, .357 Magnum 3d pi 2 190/2,100 3/0.3 3 8(3i) 10 -2 3 $570
Ruger Super Redhawk, .454 Casull 5d-1 pi+ 2 210/2,300 3.6/0.4 3 6(3i) 12 -3 5 $750

boxes with 200 round for each, for the Ruger a box of 100 rounds APHC (DMG 5d-1pi (2)), ca. 500$
No unconsenting english phrases were harmed during the writing of this post.

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