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Matthias Wasser
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Boston
Default [rewrite] basic dice mechanic

Roll either three blue dice, or anywhere from two to {the number of Forces in the relevant Realm} red dice. (If you have less than two Forces in the relevant Realm you can still throw two red dice.)

If you threw red dice, fail if their total exceeds the target number (except when later noted, determined as by the text) and note their total less the value of the greatest die as the Check Digit. Otherwise, succeed with a Check Digit of the total less the value of the least die.

If you threw three blue dice, fail if the sum of the least two exceeds your TN and take a CD equal to the greatest die. Otherwise, succeed with CD of the least die.

If at least three 1s were rolled and you are not in Hell, a merciful intervention has occurred; for ineffable reasons, no one is harmed, and they're not-harmed in such a way as to provide hope, moral instruction, and if at all relevant aid to the overall cause of the Host. Merciful interventions are almost never humorous. If at least three 6s were rolled a wrathful intervention occurs; for ineffable reasons at least someone is harmed in ways that are if at all possible excessive, poetically appropriate (likely humorously so) for some implied moral failing, and beneficial to the overall cause of the Host (except in terms of opportunities afforded to avoid damnation.) If both occur they combine in some way rather than canceling out.

Contested rolls are determined as per the text; Contestants choose which sort of dice they're rolling simultaneously and anew each round.


1) If this seems difficult to grok, think of the roll of two red dice as equivalent to the roll of the d666, save that instead of a separate die giving the CD, you get to choose one of the other dice to perform that role.

2) Yes, I threw in my preferred form of Interventions; no, the changes here (to what interventions consist of, not to when they occur) aren't structurally related to the other changes to the dice mechanic. If you don't like it on aesthetic grounds just ignore it; if you don't like it on grounds that how could Hell ever put up a fight now, note that other things will be rewritten as well.

3) Yes, there is a meaning now to having attributes above 12, and the possibility of CDs above 6. Things will get rewritten in accordance.

4) Obviously if (on the further and quite dubious assumption that I'm disciplined enough to get remotely that far) Archangel Beth decides that the scope of this project exceeds fair use I'll shut up, at least within the bounds prescribed by her; since a bunch of extremely extensive alternate settings (sapere aude, Dark Victory, &c.) and houserules have been released without any problem, and I won't be producing anything usable without the text, I'm assuming even my very expansive dream version of this isn't going to raise any ire. Obviously I could do this all as a single document but I've found my reward system can only let me produce short things with the promise of immediate feedback, so, uh, I'll probably keep on going as long as I'm getting comments (hopefully incisive ones, at least with respect to whether things perform their intended function, nonobvious holes I've created and haven't filled, &c.)
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