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Grouchy Chris
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Default List of all GURPS creatures

Because the subject of a bestiary has come up again, I thought I'd point to my attempt to catalog all GURPS creatures on the GURPS Wiki, and ask for help in completing the list.

The page is here: List of creatures by book

Edit: There is now a sortable list of creatures here.

Edit: The list has now grown long enough that it needs to start in this post and continue in the next two.

The list is by book, broken down into statblocks and full templates. It includes real animals, fantastical creatures, and racial templates, but doesn't include occupational templates or unique individuals such as Dai Blackthorn.

If you would like to help, you can list (either here or on the wiki) creatures from books you have that aren't already listed (which is quite a few, since right now the list is limited to books I own).

GURPS Basic Set

Basilisk, p. 460
Black Bear, p. 456
Boar, Large, p. 458
Boar, Small, p. 458
Camel, p. 459
Cave Bear, p. 456
Chimpanzee, p. 456
Dog, Guard, Large, p. 457
Donkey, p. 459
Elephant, p. 460
Falcon, Large p. 457
Gorilla, p. 456
Great White Shark, p. 458
Grizzly Bear, p. 456
Gryphon, pp. 460-461
Horse, Cavalry, p. 459
Horse, saddle, p. 460
House Cat, p. 456
Lion, p. 456
Mule, Large, p. 460
Mule, Small p. 460
Ox, p. 460
Polar Bear, p. 456
Pony, p. 460
Python, p. 458
Racehorse, p. 460
Rattlesnake, p. 458
Red Deer, p. 457
Strix, p. 461
Tiger Shark, p. 457
Tiger, p. 456
Timber Wolf, p. 458
Warhorse, Heavy, p. 460
GURPS Banestorm

Full Templates
Centaur, p. 188
Djinn Ascended One, pp. 188-189
Dolphin, p. 189
Dwarf, pp. 189-190
Eagle, Great, p. 194
Elf, pp. 190-191
Elf, Sea, p. 198
Ghoul, p. 200
Giants, p. 191
Gnome, p. 192
Goblin, p. 192
Halfling, pp. 192-193
Half-Orc, p. 197
Hobgoblin, p. 193
Horse, Noble, p. 194
Koblod, p. 194
Medusa, p. 194-195
Merfolk, p. 195
Minotaur, p. 196
Ogre, p. 196
Orc, pp. 196-197
Owl, Wise, p. 194
Reptile Man, p. 197
Shark Man, p. 198
Sphinx, pp. 198-199
Spirit, p. 199
Troll, pp. 199-200
Vampire, pp. 201-202
Werebear, p. 201
Wereboar, p. 201
Were-eagle, p. 201
Were-snake, p. 201
Weretiger, p. 201
Bushwolf, p. 219
Caustigus, p. 220
Dragon Meta-Trait, p. 227
Dragon, Adolescent, pp. 227-228
Dragon, Adult, p. 228
Dragon, Hatchling, p. 227
Dragon, Monstrous, p. 228
Dragon, Young, p. 227
Harding, p. 229
Harpy, p. 221
Hellshark, pp. 221-222
Hippogriff, p. 222
Hydra, pp. 222-223
Kraken, p. 223
Milkfish, p. 229
Nightstalker, p. 223
Paladin, pp. 223-224
Pegasus, p. 224
Reek, p. 224
Spider, Giant, p. 220-221
Strider, pp. 224-225
Treetipper, p. 225
Unicorn, pp. 225-226
Woolen (Blacksheep), p. 229
Wyvern, p. 226
GURPS Creatures of the Night Vol. 1

Full Templates
Nerlock, p. 13
Shoulder Giant (Golem), p. 18
Greider (Grave Worm), pp. 3-4
Guardian Owl, pp. 5-6
Harriad, pp. 7-8
Lytherion, pp. 9-11
Nerlock, pp. 12-13
Pool Beast, p. 14
Ptallant Lizard, pp. 15-16
Shoulder Giant, pp. 17-18
Slake Hound, pp. 19-20
Tellanode, pp. 21-23
Uroth, pp. 24-25
GURPS Creatures of the Night Vol. 2

Miser Troll, p. 5
Nazaraad, p. 7
Pendulum Ghoul, p. 9
Sea Giant
Colossal lens, p. 12
Huge lens, p. 12
Large lens, p. 12
Strikeworm, p. 15
Giant lens, p. 15
Urimander, p. 17
GURPS Creatures of the Night Vol. 3

Chronochaotic Spider, p. 4
Cows From Space, p. 6
Sea lens, p. 8
Tidal lens, p. 8
Woodland Oracle, p. 11
GURPS Creatures of the Night Vol. 4

Acidriad, p. 4
Clatternorn, p. 7
Glass/Shatternorn lens, p. 7
Machine lens, p. 7
Flutter Devil, p. 9
The Voice of Darkness, p. 13
The Drones lens, p. 13
Trantid, p. 11
Waste-Stalker, p. 15
GURPS Creatures of the Night Vol. 5

Diver lens, p. 5
Monitor lens, p. 5
Warrior lens, p. 5
Dreadstalk, p. 7
Gully Dragon, p. 9
Moon Guire, p. 11
Stealth Golem, p. 14
Watchtower Spirit, p. 19
GURPS Dragons

Full Templates
Snake-Form Naga, p. 144
Half-Human Naga, p. 144
Draconic Lizardman, p. 144
Crawling Wyrm, p. 144
Small Wyrm lens for Crawling Wyrm, p. 144
Giant Wyrm lens for Crawling Wyrm, p. 145
Lindorm lens lens for Crawling Wyrm, p. 145
Gargouille lens for Crawling Wyrm, p. 145
Lambton Worm lens for Crawling Wyrm, p. 145
Winged Serpent lens for Crawling Wyrm, p. 145
Wyvern, p. 145
Smaller Wyvern lens for Wyvern, p. 145
Professor Friedl’s Mechanical Dragon, p. 145
Petty Drake, p. 145
Wild Drake lens for Petty Drake, p. 145
Cute Shoulder Dragon lens for Petty Drake, p. 145
Venomous Dragonet lens for Petty Drake, p. 145
Sea Serpent, p. 145
Very Small lens for Sea Serpent, p. 145
Small lens for Sea Serpent, p. 145
Giant lens for Sea Serpent, p. 145
Vast lens for Sea Serpent, p. 145
Bena lens for Sea Serpent, p. 146
Western Dragon Meta-Trait, p. 146
Hatchling/Man-Sized Western Dragon, p. 146
Young/Very Small Western Dragon, p. 146
Adolescent/Small Western Dragon, p. 146
Young Adult/Medium-Sized Western Dragon, p. 146
Adult/Large Western Dragon, p. 146
Old Adult/Very Large Western Dragon, p. 146
Monstrous Western Dragon, p. 146
Dragonet of Mount Pilatus lens for Western Dragon, p. 146
Fairy Tale lens for Western Dragon, p. 146
Legged Worm lens for Western Dragon, p. 147
Ice Dragon lens for Western Dragon, p. 147
Chinese Water Snake, p. 147
Kiao, p. 147-148
Kiao-Lung/Kioh-Lung, p. 148
Li Lung, p. 148
Lung Wang, p. 148
P’an Lung, p. 148
Shen Lung, pp. 148-149
Tien Lung, p. 149
“Realistic” Dragon, p. 149
Apatosaurus, p. 149
Tyranosaurus, p. 150
Quetzalcoatlus, p. 150
Megalania, p. 150
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons

Acid Spider, p. 21
as-Sharak, pp. 21-22
Crushroom, p. 22
Dire Wolf, p. 22
Doomchild, p. 22
Erupting Slime, p. 23
Flaming Skull, p. 23
Flesh-Eating Ape, p. 23
Foul Bat, pp. 23-24
Frost Snake, p. 24
Giant Rat, p. 24
Golem-Armor Swordsman, p. 24
Horde Zombie, pp. 24-25
Mindwarper, p. 25
Peshkali, p. 25
Siege Beast, pp. 25-26
Stone Golem, p. 26
Toxifer, p. 26
Triger, pp. 26-27
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level

Full Templates
Air-Infused Half-Spirit, p. 13
Cat-Folk, p. 5
Celestial Half-Spirit, p. 12
Coleopteran, p. 5
Corpse-Eater, pp. 5-6
Dark One, p. 6
Dwarf, p. 6
Earth-Infused Half-Spirit, p. 13
Elder-Spawn Half-Spirit, p. 12
Faun, p. 8
Fire-Infused Half-Spirit, p. 13
Gargoyle, p. 9
Gnome, p. 10
Goblin, p. 10
Half-Elf, p. 7
Half-Ogre, p. 15
Half-Orc, p. 10
Halfling, p. 14
High Elf, p. 7
Hobgoblin, p. 11
Infernal Half-Spirit, pp. 12-13
Leprechaun, p. 9
Lizard Man, p. 15
Minotaur, p. 14
Mountain Elf, p. 7
Nymph, p. 9
Ogre, pp. 14-15
Orc, p. 11
Pixie, p. 9
Sea Elf, p. 7
Shadow Elf, p. 7
Troll, p. 16
Water-Infused Half-Spirit, p. 13
Wildman, p. 16
Winged Elf, p. 7,
Wood Elf, p. 8
The GURPS Wiki has 581 articles and counting!
My blog, mainly about GURPS.

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