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Default Cruelty, objectifying, and Words

I stumbled onto this today
and it got me thinking about Gabriel. Part of this thinking is the huge and unexpected friction in the endgame of Mile Higher Club (over at PbP). The article explores the idea that cruelty stems from abstraction, or reducing the rich complexity of a human being into a cardboard function.

But, but, but...a Wordbound angel is not a richly complex being...or is he? I figure they're a lot more limited than a human being (a theme I've tried to push in MHC), but worthy of objectifying? They'd hardly be any fun to play if they were strictly their Word. Wind defines Janus, but there are so many layers to Wind, connotations and interpretations. In addition he has a personality, allies friends and rivals...not so simple in other words. Yet angels are constantly judging all of Dominic's servitors harshly because of their function, and because that function tends to make life difficult.

Criminy...these two have enough issues, they can sell subscriptions! (ladyarcana55, in a PM)
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angels, superiors, word-bound

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