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Default Re: Munchkin Promos

Originally Posted by Jdtennis83 View Post
Sorry about the confusion of which were promos and which were W23 booster items, I hadn't seen the cards in person when posted my reply. My buddy had just sent me an email with a picture of all of the items spread out across his table. All the non-Fantasy Munchkin cards were face down so I couldn't tell what they were and I didn't notice the lack of a W23 pack in the picture (if they even come in a pack). So I assumed those were all promos.
From the Munchkin website:

Because a true munchkin is never satisfied, we printed extra cards with 10 of our releases this year for a special Warehouse 23 exclusive booster! With the exception of the Pegasus Steed, these are brand new cards, never before available.

* Boo Fu: for Munchkin Fu
* Underwater HQ: for Super Munchkin
* Trapped Chest: for Munchkin Booty
* Bum Steer: for The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin (or any game that uses Steeds)
* Pegasus Steed: for Munchkin 4 and Munchkin 5 (or any game that uses Steeds)
* Stocking Stuffers: for Munchkin, ideally mixed with Waiting for Santa or Santa's Revenge . . . or both!
* Laser-Sighted: for Star Munchkin
* Attic: for Star Munchkin 2
* Tractor Beam: for Star Munchkin: Space Ships (or Munchkin Booty, if you don't mind a weird card in your deck!)
* Reload!: a Go Up a Level card for any Munchkin set
Munchkin: 1-8, boosters/supplements
Zombies: 1-4, Dice, 1-3, supplements
Cthulhu: 1-4, Dice, supplements
Apocalypse: 1-2, supplements
Legends: 1
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