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Default [Attunement] New Servitor Attunement for Fleurity

Drug Mule

This attunement allows the user to store drugs (and related paraphernalia) in an extradimensional space, much as the Scabbard attunement allows the storage of weapons. "Related paraphernalia" means any portable item needed to concoct or take recreational drugs: a roach clip, a bong, a syringe, vials of chemical ingredients. Items that don't fit this description cannot be hidden in a Drug Mule's cache: weapons and money don't qualify, since a person could get some ingredients free, or surrender them without a fight. Generally speaking, anything larger/bulkier than a simple chemistry set won't go into the cache either.

Fleurity gives this attunement to mortal Soldiers more often than he does to demons--especially if the "ordinary" ways to hide and transport drugs would cause more hardship than usual.
Ingeborg S. Nordén
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