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Default Boosters I'd like to see

The Munchkin Supremacy - Booster for Munchkin Impossible. More Guns, Cars, Bombs.

The Munchkins - Booster for The Good, The Bad, The Munchkin. More Horses, Guns, rotgut booze!

Munchkin Good! - Booster for Fantasy Munchkin, 15 large Monsters, ie: Trolls, Ogres, Golems, and Dragons.

Munchkin Chop! - Munchkin Fu based set with new and strange trainings / styles.

Hite ate the Munchkin - Conspiracy Munchkin with Templers, Illuminati, and anyone Else, Mr. Hite can aim at us... toss in Charles Stross and they will rule the world.

Salem Midnight Crew / MIB 1987 Or the Wrong MIB. Salem Cell leader, for the clueless in Oregon.
Ahhhh... I see the Screw-Up Fairy has visited us again.
Closed Captioned for the Humor Impaired
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boosters, suggestions

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