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Default Standard deviation on Stat distribution?

Recently, I was talking to a friend about GURPS stats, and mentioned that only about three in a thousand people would have an IQ over 13, making his IQ 15 character even more incredibly smart. He asked why I said that. I said "Didn't you know? Each stat point represents a standard deviation either above or below the mean." He asked what made on earth made me think that.

About a week later, after being unable to find anything to that effect, I lamely said "Well, gee... I dunno. I thought somewhere I read something about... well, never mind. Oh well."

So, this is my question. How rare are high stats? About how many people in a population have IQ at certain levels? How about int? If I wanted to create a computer program that would randomly create a person, what distributions would I give it to work with?

Also, on a less related note, how good common would skill levels above 20 be?
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realism, stat distribution

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