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Default [3e] Cessna 402

Cessna 402
Manufactured by Cessna from 1966 to 1985, the 402 was designed to be an inexpensive, easy to maintain transport. As such, it was neither particularly fast nor pressurized. The internal cabin could be arranged to seat 6 to 10 people, or could have all seats removed for cargo.

The 402 is a very dependable plane, and is used by many regional airlines worldwide. It is also used as a light military transport by a dozen or more countries, including Columbia, Mexico, Paraguay, Venezuela, South Africa, and Finland. The American R&B singer Aaliyah was killed in a 402 crash in the Bahamas in 2001.

The Cessna 402 has a crew of one (pilot). The planes burns 20.2 gallons of aviation gas per hour of routine usage. A full tank of fuel costs $204.

Cessna 402C
Subassemblies: Body +4, two Wings +1, two wing-tip Pods +0, two engine Pods +1, three small retractable wheels +0.
Powertrain: Two 224-kW aerial propellers with 224-kW turbocharged HP gasoline engines, 8,000-kWs lead acid batteries.
Fuel: 102 gallons aviation gasoline in Standard fuel tanks [Wing-Tip Pods] (Fire 13).
Occupancy: 1 NCS, 9 NPS.
Cargo: 50 lbs. per person.

All: 2/2

Body: Medium-range radio (30-mile), air search radar (25-mile, Scan 19); 10-man environmental control, flight recorder, navigation instruments, autopilot.

Size: 36'x44'x12' Payload: 1.4 tons Lwt.: 3.43 tons
Volume: 604 cf. Maint.: 23 hours Price: $771,260

HT: 12. HPs: 242 Body, 85 each wing, 22 each Wheel, 20 each wing-tip Pod, 25 each Engine Pod.

aSpeed: 266 aAccel: 5 aDecel: 21 aMR: 5 aSR: 3
Stall Speed: 82.
gSpeed: 192 gAccel: 9 gDecel: 10 gMR: 0.25 gSR: 4
Ground Pressure: Very High. 1/8 Off-Road speed.
Take Off Run: 565 yards. Landing Run: 259 yards.

Design Notes:
Body is 395 cf; wings are 82 cf each, wing-tip pods are 9.6 cf each, engine pods are 13 cf each, and wheels are 19.75 cf. Structure is Light, Expensive with Very Good streamlining. Armor is expensive metal. Mechanical controls. Empty weight is 4,069 lbs.

Design loaded weight was 6,752 lbs.; this was increased 2% to the historical. The wing volume was reverse engineered from actual wing area (226 sf). Design aSpeed was 296 mph; design stall speed was 79 mph; landing run was 672 yards, take-off run was 747 yards; real-world values are shown above.

The 401 (1966) seated 6-8. 404 built. The 401A (1968) featured minor changes. 132 built. More minor changes resulted in the -B (1969); 91 built.

The 402 (1966) expanded seating to 9, with removable seats for freight. 401 built. The -A added a baggage compartment in a lengthened nose and an optional crew door. 129 built. The -B (1969) added a fifth passenger window and other minor changes. The 402B Utiliner featured seating for 10; the 402B Businessliner featured roomier seating for 6-8. 129 built.

The 402C (1978) increased take-off weight, with longer span wings and no tip tanks. The landing gear was improved for higher landing weight. 681 built.
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