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Default Did Pyramid #30 (Spaceships) zoom through the stratosphere of your heart?

So, Pyramid #3/30: Spaceships has been out for a few weeks now. What did you think?

Diverse enough? Focused enough?

Too many spaceship writeups? Too few?

Enough crunch? Enough fluff?

Please, now that you've had time to digest the issue (and maybe even use some of it), let us know what you think!
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Default Re: Did Pyramid #30 (Spaceships) zoom through the stratosphere of your heart?

-- I'm a bit biased, but I'll bite:

Practical Astromancy by me: This was inspired by the opening vignette in GURPS Spaceships 7. I sincerely doubt I would have written something like this in the old Pyramid, as I would have felt compelled to make it a general "Space Magic" article.

One With the Ship by W.A. Frick: This is probably the most 'generic' article in the entire issue, as the concepts are relevant to almost any ultra-tech setting which has neural interfaces. The article is based around the Interface Pilot template and the extensive customization notes. I can't say I'm totally sold on the two new Advantages (Enhanced Dodge (Vehicular) and Soul of the Machine), as I'm not entirely sure how they were priced; presumably as Enhanced Dodge and a Talent with some Accessibility mitigators. The Vehicle Bond perk is a good extension of the now-ubiquitous Signature Gear perk and I suspect that one may migrate to a e23 book or two in the future.

Mass Combat in Space by David Pulver: One can quibble with the exact implementation of the conversion (see various posts in the GURPS forum) but I think it speaks to the strength of GURPS Mass Combat that this conversion is rather straightforward, and using the Mass Combat rules for space engagements is rather obvious in retrospect :) You REALLY appreciate how this all flows when you look at the cludgy and almost unplayable complexity of "strategic gaming" systems like Renegade Legion: Prefect or BattleTech: Strategic Operations.

Sky Galleys by Ken Spencer: My main quibbles were addressed in the article review process, with the only one remaining being that I'm not clear what the complexity for the castled weapon mounts adds. There's also a bit of assumed buy-in from earlier Pyramid articles with regards to the setting, but the concept is strong enough that it can be grasped from this article alone (I still haven't really looked at the original article in #20). Minus the weapon castle rules the designs are easily translated to any campaign where space travel doesn't require life support and flying airships use materials with special properties. The whole thing reminded me strongly of Space: 1889 (the good parts) and I wouldn't be too surprised if Ken was a fan of it :) The templates really tied it together as well, which is saying something as I'm not a huge fan of templates.

Hunter-Gatherer by Stephan Dedman: For some reason this article made me think of a cross between Ringworld and the Star Trek Planet Killers. I doubt I'll ever use this as presented, but I can certainly see nabbing the alien critter stats!
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pyramid 3/30

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