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Default Zombie Dice RPG

Here is a rough draft of something I'm working on. A zombie RPG using zombie dice.

Zombie Dice RPG

Idea: Create a RPG using zombie dice where each player plays the role of a mob of zombies with all players making up a hoard hunting down the living controlled by the GM, or perhaps other players.

Dice and Rolling
Rolling dice is similar to zombie dice. The number of dice a zombie gets to roll is the number of dice put into the cup, starting with red dice, then yellow then the green dice. Brains represent success in doing what ever it is the zombie is trying to do. Dice are rolled three at a time until three shotguns are shown, all dice are out of the cup or the player decides to stop rolling.

Making Zombies
A player starts with 13 dice to assign to their zombie(s).

A player may start with a minimum of one zombie or up to thirteen zombies.

All of any single player's zombies are identical, and share the same stats with the sole exception of former life skills.

When making up a zombie mob a player must put at least one dice to increase a zombie trait, add a special attribute, or add some former life skills. Since all zombies in a player's mob must be equal in total dice this means that the remainder of dice must be spent as mob attributes. A player not put more than 7 dice into mob attributes at the start of the game.

Zombie Attributes
Zombie Attributes apply to each zombie as an individual. Even though all zombies of the same mob share all of the same attributes starting off some attributes may be changed (usually lowered, often through the application of lead by the living) through the coarse of gameplay.

Every zombie has five attributes: Meat, Bones, Brains, Rot, and Blargh! All scores start at 3 dice except for blargh! which starts at 0.

Meat determines how strong your zombie(s) are. Can your mob break through a barred oak door or will they be stymied by a thin plate-glass window? Meat determines the results!

Bones make up how well your zombie(s) are able to move. For the living-impaired movement is much more a matter of how well the joints are still working and that is determined by the bones. Can your mob dash for that sprinting bit of meat, or will the shriveled morsel using a walker out run them? Let the bones decide!

Brains show how well what's left up there is still ticking. Will your shamblers spot the sniper on the roof top or with your zombies be stymied by the riddle of the door-knobs? Only the brains will know for sure!

Rot is how well composed your zombie(s) are with what's left of them. Can your mob boldly shamble through machine-gun fire or will they fall prey to nerf bats and wiffleballs? The rot will tell!

Blargh! Is the zombie's fallback and only luck. If all else fails there is pure blargh! to see your shamblers through! Blargh! may be used to put a die showing a shotgun blast back into the cup by expending 1 point of Blargh! for each blast returned. A zombie fully recovers their Blargh! when they manage to feast on some tasty brains or at sunset each day. A zombie may use as many Blargh! on a single roll as they have remaining available.

Mob Attributes
Mob Attributes apply to the whole mob of zombies. Mob attributes are unaffected by the plight of individual zombies in your mob but instead reflect upon the workings of the mob as a whole.

Each mob has three attributes: Rise, Shamble and Arrgh! Rise and Shamble start at 3 dice while Arrgh! starts at 0.

Rise is used to raise more zombies from the morsels your mob has caught. Will your mob grow like the tide or will it burn away like fog in the morning sun? Rise makes the difference!

Shamble makes for how well your mob can work together and how many separate actions per turn you can take. Will your hoard be able to spread through town and strike without warning or will your rotters only be able to fitfully crawl through the streets as morsels slip through their grasps? Shamble will show you the path!

Arrgh! is the spirit of the mob and allows your zombies to turn defeat into tasty victory! By spending one point of Arrgh! a player may re-roll all shotguns currently showing on a roll, as one die type better. Red dice become yellow, yellow become green and green automatically roll as brains. Arrgh! is regained fully at sunset and a mob may recover 1 point of Arrgh! whenever they successfully raise a new shambler.

Former Life Skills
A former life skill is a skill that a zombie had in its previous life, for example a police officer zombie might remember enough to pull its gun and fire on a bit of living meat that is escaping.

Former life skills are special in that they are the only thing, other than accumulated wear and tear, that differentiates one zombie from another in a mob.
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