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Old 10-30-2017, 07:24 PM   #1
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Default Class feedback

I decided to run a playtest with a group of my students from a class (psychology of games).

General feedback was that they liked the game but had some difficulty figuring out what was the best strategy. They figured that it would take a few times to play it to get the strategies down (none were surprised by that).

Part of their issue was that they had never played a game with the transferable power. Strangely, they seemed to struggle with remembering Power + bonuses - Resistance = die roll. For almost every turn with each student, I had to tell them. Some students understood the alignment idea right away, and how it helped (or hurt) an attack, whereas others didn't.

Something that might help players keep track of this is to have a card, possibly a large card, for each player that provides a "cheat sheet" of alignments and what they do for different types of attacks and the formula for calculating an attack. The cheat sheet should also provide the table of basic goals.

The special goal for each Illuminati should be printed on each Illuminati group.
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Default Re: Class feedback

It's not the same since the suggestion was for something like cards that the players have, but when I've taught the game over the last few years, I made it a point to hand every player photocopies of the back of the rulebook as the cheat sheet to use during the game, since I found it critical for players to have as a reference during play since it does contain what your students wanted - how to calculate the die roll, the Illuminati special goals, alignments and their opposites, actions available and a turn overview. The bonuses for distance from the Illuminati is a particularly forgettable rule I've found.

Do you think the most important pieces of info could be condensed to a card (or a few cards)? I'm a bit biased since I've taught the game so much and I do think everything on that reference page is vital for all of the players to have, but a condensed subset of rules that would work just as well would make it much easier to teach!
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Default Re: Class feedback

Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have suggested it. Mind you, I'm not suggesting a normal sized card. I'm picture something the size of a small tablet.
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