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Default Disarming Parry / Sweeping Parry / Throwing Parry

Aggressive Parry and Jam for -1 to parry give an attack at -3 damage (or -1 and -1 per die if worse) but that doesn't explain how to adapt this for non-damaging free attacks. Had an idea how to do it though.

TG21 mentions under Defensive attack that -2 damage (or -1per die if worse) is like -2 to DX or ST when you are attacker. So that would guide Defensive Disarms.

MA90 says +4 to skill for -1 per die or -2 (worse) and +2 if just -1. So it is clearly a 2:1 value relation.

So as best I can figure, you should be -3 to DX or ST on any contests where you are the attacker if you do something other than a damaging attack on an Aggressive Parry. I figure that -3 should also apply to the initial attack roll too (not that bad since you cannot defend against parry-based attacks)

That could be a Disarm or maybe something like a Judo Throw or Sweep.

It would only make sense to allow this to default to skills which can perform these techniques. Probably another -1 for it being an exception to how things are normally done.
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