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Default Rapid Strike 2 Weapons

I know it's not RAW. And I know the general subject comes up all the time. But I'm wanting to put forth a houserule, and I was hoping you fine folks could tell me if there's anything unintentionally munchkiny about it.

If a character had Weapon Master [25] (Broadsword and Buckler)

If the same character had equal skill in both weapons.

Is there any problem in using both within one rapid-strike maneuver?

So with an effective 24 skill, I could absolutely take -9 and do sword, sword, sword, sword.

But is there any inherent problem in taking -9 to sword, bash, sword, bash?

From a realism perspective and a style perspective, it makes sense to me. But Help me figure out if I have any unknown unknowns.
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Default Re: Rapid Strike 2 Weapons

Don't see why not, I don't think you're getting some extra free benefit out of it

In abstract Dual Weapon Attacks are at a lower penalty than Rapid strikes (but I don't think WM helps reduce DWA like it does with RS), similarly combinations that include alternate hands are cheaper as well.

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