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Old 06-14-2017, 07:45 PM   #1
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Default Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [OOC]

This is the Out Of Character Thread for a Zombie Apocalypse game for the Jericho group.

All are welcome to peruse, but posting going to be restricted to the Jericho group members.
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Old 06-15-2017, 06:48 PM   #2
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Default Re: Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [OOC]

Setting Information
The game will be set in late summer, 2017 on Earth. The characters will start at or near St. Augustine, Florida, USA, but have the potential to end up just about anywhere. Game time will begin roughly 2 months or so after the start of the "Apocalypse", but the characters themselves have been mostly removed from the events over the past 2 months.
• The "Event" happened somewhere around 2 months prior to the start of the game.
• The characters were "out of pocket" when the "Event" happened, and did not return to civilization until a few weeks prior to the start of the game. At this point, they don't have the whole picture of what has happened, how widespread it is, or even that there are "zombies". The first few IC and OOC posts will establish those details.
• There is a single story element that tied all of the PCs together BEFORE the "Event" happened. You aren't all besties or anything, but you all know each other and have "something" that connects all of you together.
• At the start of the game, the characters are all running very short on resources and will have to leave their "hiding spot" if they want to survive. Don't pick any equipment when you round out your character...there are story reasons for that will make clear once we get started.

Some core things in this game:

SURVIVAL: This is going to be about finding and managing supplies...everything from drinking water to bullets. This also means finding secure shelters, clothing, and other items required to survive.

DEALING WITH ZOMBIES: This is a given, but will be a core part of the game. Whether running from, fighting through, or using them to your advantages, there will be lots and lots of zombies, and they will generally make just about everything more difficult for the players.

DEALING WITH PEOPLE: This is probably going to be the most complex and, I think, the most rewarding part of the game. How does the party deal with other people? Do you save/rescue as many as you can? Do you leave them to their fates to improve your own odds of survival? Do you steal their stuff? How do you deal with the old, the sick, and children? Do you ally just with the strong or with the meek as well?
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Old 06-15-2017, 06:52 PM   #3
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Default Re: Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [OOC]

The Tie That Binds Us

The one thing that links all of the players together is Helen Allen. She was the wife of a Marine that died in Vietnam and she ran a foster home in Jacksonville, Florida. She was firm but fair, and loved all of you as if you were her own children. She touched each of your lives personally, and helped out when you desperately needed it. All of you loved her dearly in your own way, and that's why her news of passing has struck such a chord in you.

Each of you made sure to attend her wake and funeral to give your respects to a woman who was so influential in your lives. During the funeral, her sister Jill mentioned that Helen loved the beach and that one of her wishes was to spend some time on a tropical island. She never had that chance, so Jill decided that her plan was to spread Helen ashes on the beach of some place tropical.

Kai Anderson, a Medical Examiner who was one of Helen’s foster children, was moved by this and offered to take Helen’s ashes to a private island that his Ex Father-in-Law owns near Bermuda so he could fulfill Helen's dying wish. He also extended the invite to his brothers and sisters who were at Helen's funeral (the rest of the PCs) since he has room on the Ex Father-in-Law’s Fairline Squadron 78 Custom Yacht.

So all of you agreed, not only because it was important for you guys to honor Helen, but also because who can beat a free trip to an exotic island for free on someone else's yacht?
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Old 06-15-2017, 07:18 PM   #4
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Default Re: Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [OOC]

So Invisible Castle is no more.

I think I found another site that will work.

Go to this link, register, and join the room "No More Room In Hell". Then play around and test the roller.

Let me know what you all think.
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Old 06-16-2017, 08:22 AM   #5
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Default Re: Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [OOC]

Notes on survival:

A big part of this game is just surviving. Finding food, water, and shelter is going to be critical, and doing that in the middle of summer in Florida is going to be that much more challenging.

Having said that, there are a few rules that are very important in this game that really don't show up often in our other GURPS games, namely FATIGUE.

Page 426 in the GURPS basic set covers most of the Fatigue rules, and the character sheets I created all have a tab at the bottom that summarizes the Fatigue rules I will be using, including how starvation, dehydration, and lack of sleep affects your Fatigue points.

I'm also going to be using a few mechanics from other books. LONG-TERM FATIGUE POINTS comes from the After The End: Wastelanders book. In a nutshell, it starts at Zero and every point of LFP you accumulate lowers your max FP by one.

Also, the GURPS rules in the basic set don't allow for any negative effects for FP loss until you get below 1/3 of your max FPs. I'll be using a different rule that comes from a GURPS Pyramid article called The Last Gasp. Under those rules, FP loss results in gradually increasing penalties. All of the character sheets have a chart on the primary tab that shows what penalties you accrue at each level of FP loss.

Below I have highlighted some Attributes, Advantages, and Skills that can significantly help with FP management:

Strength (ST): While ST doesn't directly influence Fatigue, it does directly influence how much weight you can carry and your encumbrance level. Encumbrance level DOES influence FP loss when fighting and/or hiking. Thus stronger characters carrying the same weight will lose fewer FPs over the same hike than weaker characters.

Health (HT): This is the obvious one. Your HT sets your base FP, and you will be rolling against this attribute often to resist FP loss. With a HT of 10, you only have a 50% chance of succeeding on that roll, while at HT of 14 gives you a 90% chance to succeed.

Fatigue Points: Instead of buying up HT directly, you can buy up individual FPs for 3 points per FP. The benefits are pretty self explanatory.

Fit/Very Fit: These are VERY influential advantages when it comes to FP. In addition to the other benefits they apply, they influence the rate at which you regain lost FP. Very Fit also cuts in half the rate you lose FP. For example, a normal character loses 2 FP per hour when marching with light encumbrance. A character with Very Fit loses on 1 FP per hour for the same march.

Temperature Tolerance: Every level of this Advantage gives you a +1 on your HT roles when resisting FP loss (and LFP gain) from exposure to high/low temperatures. GURPS considers 90 degrees F to be the break-point for high temps. Also, it is a cheap Advantage (1 point per level), but maxes out at 3 levels for normal humans.

Survival (Desert): If your Survival (Desert) skill is higher than your HT, you can roll vs. the skill instead of HT when trying to resist high temps. Currently, only the Army Ranger has this skill on his character sheet. I would need some pretty extensive background to allow this skill on another sheet.
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Old 06-16-2017, 12:09 PM   #6
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Default Re: Private Game for Jericho Group - Zombie Apocalypse [OOC]

Character generation/background items previously posted on the Jericho Page:

1. You all grew up in the same foster home in Jacksonville, FL. I'll need all the players to be about the same age...probably late 20s to early 30s. It's important that you all grew up as brothers and sisters to each other, so we can't have one person who is 18 and one who is 52.

2. The characters all grew up in Jacksonville, but you don't have to currently be living there. Your actual homes can be just about anywhere that makes sense.

3. No backstory is really needed, but you can write up some details if you like. No spouses (being divorced is okay), no children (I won't bend on this one), and no super-serious love interests. Those things can come up during the game, but not before.

4. No starting money/equipment. The reason why will become evident shortly after the game begins.

5. I'll allow up to 5 points worth of Quirks. Let me know if you need some help with those.

6. If someone has already laid claim to the template you wanted to play, let me know and we can talk about your options. However, I would prefer if each person pick from the current template list.
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