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Old 05-15-2017, 04:54 PM   #1
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Default Monster Chow - can I be my own friend?

Hi y'all! Long time player, first time poster.

Yesterday, my family got together for a big reunion. About 7 hours in, my nephew suggested (of all things to play on Mothers' Day) we play Munchkin and brought out his original set with Unnatural Acts added.

I haven't played with the original cards in decades, so this was a reunion within a reunion for me!

Unfortunately, a bit of an argument started up about the wording of Monster Chow. I'm not sure which printing he had, maybe 19th, but the card is worded as: "Yummy! Use it to distract the monsters...or to lure them toward your friends. +5 to either side."

1) If Alex is fighting a monster, can Bob use Monster Chow to lure that monster away from Alex towards himself (Bob) or only towards one of Bob's friends? Can't Bob pick himself as his own friend?

2) After the monster has been lured, do you also apply the +5 bonus? I thought you can "distract or lure", you can't do both. Is that +5 bonus not coming from the monster being distracted?

Respectfully submitted,

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Default Re: Monster Chow - can I be my own friend?

The "distract or lure" part of the card is just flavor text.

In game terms, the only real effect is the +5 (you are either distracting a monster, so you have +5 against it OR you lured the monster towards your friend, and they get +5 against the players in combat).

I would also like to point out that FLAVOR text can make all the difference in the quality of the Chow ;)
Igor Toscano
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Default Re: Monster Chow - can I be my own friend?

Well, that FLAVOR tasted pretty awful yesterday. None of us understood that it was flavor text instead of an actual ability of the card.

I argued at length that Monster Chow couldn't possibly work the same as the Transferral Potion, but others pointed out to me that both cards have the same Gold Pieces value, so clearly they could have the same effect.

Thanks for the clarity!
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