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Default Re: Lost in Dreams II (OCC)

Dropped skating and added it to house cleaning and history. Dreaming changed, fortune telling dropped. theologies does not relate to each other (which is what I hope you ment?) auto-hypnosis dropped and added point to meditation.

I was just worried the disadvantage's may be a bit to Complex, but if you are good with them I will stick to the old one.

I rechecked the math, and will likely us the extra found points on fluff. Will edit this page when I figure out what.

9 Dancing Default DX/A [1] (lots of fun learning that one)
12 Gesture Default: IQ/E [1] (the military uses this)
Cultural Familiarity (Muslim) [1] (from time in Iraq)
10 History (LDS) IQ/H [1]
11 Hiking HT/A [2] (forgot to add)

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