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Default Re: Lost in Dreams II (OCC)

Please Explain:

  • Why is this character low status?
  • Where is he from? Nation, region, and is he rural, urban, or suburban?
  • What age is he?
  • Is networked a custom perk or do you have a page reference?
  • LDS ordination is a perk, not full blown clerical investment. If he's got something heftier than that, let me know.
  • I'm a little wary of honesty at that level, rather than the standard -10. I don't know how well you know gurps, so do you want a law abider or a truth teller? its two different disadvantages.
  • Breath Control's FP gain is cinematic. He can't buy it for that. He can buy it to increase the amount of time he can shout, hold his breath, and so forth.
  • Please combine all the LDS quirks and vows into a single code of honor.
  • The instrument is called the "Piano"
  • Weird Science is denied
  • Fortune Telling and Dreaming look a little odd under religious observances. Please review exactly what skill Fortune Telling does. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to have the perk "Remembers dreams". If he has the dreaming skill it should certainly be mentioned in his background. It plays a big role in this game and I always triple check its appropriate.
  • Please put all the perks in one place.
  • With the military, Armory seems a little out of place, while hiking is notably missing. Let me know if that's intentional.
  • Weird Science is denied. unless he's up on a bunch of theories, in which case its current affairs or hobby skill.
  • There are some weird skill spikes. Be sure you want theology, and skating at those levels: most of the time a level or two down will be fine for the purpose.
  • Please stick each theology on its own line.
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