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Default Re: DFRPG Game Aids: Computer Programs


Okie doke, I believe I've made all the corrections I had in my bug list. (Except for the request for DFRPG specific character sheets. No time for that yet.)

I've removed the previous files, and the Standalone (which really wasn't) and Spells files are combined (I kept forgetting they were separate), and the new file should be available from my OneDrive here:

Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf

//	 Modified: Thursday, September 5, 2019 - Bug fixes
//					* References to ~Holy changed to ~Clerical
//					* Added '+1 to "SK:Singing",	+1 to "SK:Musical Composition",	+1 to "SK:Musical Instrument",'
//						to gives() for Bardic Talent
//					* Signature Gear no longer leveled, Attribute tracker removed
//					* Fixed Energy Reserve limits
//					* Extra Hidden Lore skills for Wizards are no longer added at 2pts
//					* Adjusted the alt3list of the #ChoiceList of the Knight template, so that the last 3 options
//						all maximize the required points for the 2-handed weapon option (#upto and #downto are the same)
//						so that it works as expected.
I still have it marked Incomplete because I haven't incorporated Bruno's equipment stuff, nor made any attempt to look at equipment stuff myself.

As always, please let me know if you have issues.

There are two things outstanding that can't be addressed at this time:

1) Raising skills from default. GCA4 isn't able to turn that off.
2) Needs "X Spells," can never be satisfied, due to the file's extensive use of ident() and countasneed(), which aren't processed by generic needs like that. You may just want to delete that need from needs() once the character is built.
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