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Default Re: Perk to multiply RoF with Extra Attack

Originally Posted by Onkl View Post
Hi guys

In a cinematic game I'm pondering over, I'd like to give my players the ability to use Extra Attack (Multistrike) as described in Gun Fu, page 15. In addition I would like to create a Perk which would allow - if bought alongside Extra Attack - to allow to use full RoF once per Attack with the same weapon.

Now, would this count as a "Rule Exemption" perk. Or should this be an Enhancement for the Extra Attack Advantage?

I thought about something like this:

Well Oiled (Specific Gun) [1]
When using the specified gun in an Extra Attack, you may use full RoF for every Attack.

What do you think, would that be ok? Also, if you got a better name for the perk, please let me know.


Looks good to me.
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