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Default Re: Accessibility: Only in one dimension?

If "most of the action" takes place in Assiah, then that means any action-oriented on-the-spot ability not usable there would be expected to be "mostly" not available, and thus considerably less valuable. Or conversely, the discount for abilities usable there would be small. Compare with the chart for Accessibility on Powers p. 99, which gives Limitation values for various percentages of time that an ability isn't available. (E.g., -40% for 5% availability; -20% for 50% of the time; -5% for 90% availability.)

The Accessibility chart always strikes me as a little stingy compared to many other Limitations that crimp your likelihood of employing an ability to your benefit when needed. But it's a starting point.

"Affects Substantial" for the Insubstantial Advantage is +100% -- but that's for an ability whose effects "cross over", without the user being substantial and thus available for mundane counterattacks.
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