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Default Re: Standardizing the tags nomenclature for the GURPS subforum . . .

I'll try to list a few Big Tag ideas (Stealing ideas mercilessly of course).

- - -
Bestiary Monsters, Animals et cetera
Cannon Fodder Stuff to kill. Frequently overlaps with Bestiary for quite obvious reasons...
Combat for discussions of combat-centered rules, traits or strategies
Concept: contains discussion referring to cinematic vs. realistic play, reality-checking, game balance and so on
House Rules
How-to contains discussion of how to stat up a character trait idea as a power, talent, wildcard skill and so on
Powers Discussion and write-ups on Powers. Also: discussion of GURPS Powers
Racial Templates for when you want to be specific, also tag with "Templates"
RAW for strictly RAW-compliant discussions. There should also be designated as such in the OP
Resource for threads recommending gaming resources - software etc
Rules contains discussion of actual rules as written, their interpretation and explanation
Supernatural For Fantasy things. (Fantasy is the name of a book after all...)
Supporting Cast
Templates Generic Templates thread-Tag
Weapons stating up a weapon from real life, cinema, and so on.
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