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Default Re: Updated / New Character Sheets

Originally Posted by Corpus
On a side note - I am using the Phoenix 1.08 sheet and I'm having an issue with it listing encumberance incorrectly. For the character I'm using the hvy encumberance is listed as 144, and the character has a selected load-out of 130.5, but the sheet lists the encumberance as over x-hvy! Any suggestions?
Well, the data in question comes straight from GCA, all Phoenix does is format it a bit. You should only see the warning that your current encumbrance level exceeds x-heavy if GCA thinks it does.

If you don't mind, start GCA and open the character in question. Under the Load-Out Manager window, at the bottom, which load-out is chosen in the Encumbrance Load-Out section? Also, directly to the right of the Encumbrance Load-Out section, what does its accompanying Load Weight and Enc. Level fields have listed?
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