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Default Re: Make Animals Threatening [Basic]

I've found that players are often way MORE terrified of animals than they should be. Almost comically so. I'm not sure if this is PTSD from other RPGs, or something else, but this makes animals fun, often confusing, opponents in my games.

In one horror game, I had a small alligator lounging outside a swampy manor. The players were terrified of the thing. Even though they probably could have teamed up on it, scared it away, etc, they spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to deal with it. It more than served its purpose. (And in one session, a player critically failed his leap up the manor stairs to avoid the thing, faceplanting right in front of it...)

I think if the alligator was instead a fully armed special ops agent guarding the door with a high-powered rifle, the players would have shrugged and just dealt with it with less caution.

In that same game, I put a mildly poisonous snake down an old toilet the players had to reach into. The threat came from not seeing the thing until it was too late and its debilitating effects, not from the raw damage it output.
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