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Default Re: Geomorphing Playmats

I assume that all matching edges are "opposite" ones on the map listed? That is, for M? North, you're matching against M? South, etc. I don't have any time to do it now (prepping for tomorrow's scheduled Combine invasion of the Low Countries, er, I mean trip to the Netherlands! :P), but I wonder if any of the non-opposite sides match well-enough to be listed as well.

Also, a list of the actual overlays needed (quantity and type, if not position) sounds like a useful spreadsheet. Heck, that could be done for all map/side combos, eventually. Yet something else to see if I ever have the time for... :)

Awesome job Drew & co., I can't wait to get my latest playmats (which, of course, will arrive just after I depart. *sigh* :))!
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