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Default Geomorphing Playmats

For those interested, here is the current "matchability" of the playmats. Some edges match perfectly, some require some minor overlays, some edges don't match at all. If a map is in parentheses, e.g. (M5), that means you will need a few overlays for it to completely match. If a map is not listed after the edge label, that implies the overlays required were beyond the "easy" level to match edges.

Map Edge

M1 North: (M1), M4
M1 East: M5, M6
M1 South: (M1), M3, (M4), (M5), M7
M1 West: M5, M6

M3 North: M1, (M5), (M6), (M7)
M3 East: M4
M3 South: M6
M3 West: M4

M4 North: (M1), (M4), M5, M6, (M7)
M4 East: M3, M7
M4 South: M1, (M3), (M4), (M5), (M7)
M4 West: M3, M7

M5 North: (M1), (M4), (M5), (M6), M7
M5 East: M1
M5 South: (M3), M4, (M5), (M7)
M5 West: M1

M6 North: M3
M6 East: M1
M6 South: (M1), (M3), M4, (M5), (M7)
M6 West: M1

M7 North: M1, (M5), (M4), (M6), (M7)
M7 East: M4
M7 South: (M3), M5, (M7)
M7 West: M4

I will be using this to guide future maps, with a goal of expanding the matching options for those that don't have all the maps. Some edges (M3 South and M6 North) are fairly unique and less likely to be reused, but by no means forgotten! Plus, I may still add a new map edge or two into the mix . . .

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