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Default Re: Moon Priests/Priestesses

Artemis was the Moon Gods as Apollo's twin sister. Moon Gods often have an important relationship to the Sun god, but unlike Night not necessarily an optional one. Sometime the Sun and the Moon are lovers who rarely get to see each other etc

but for DF style, Faerūn has Selūne goddess of light, the moon, stars, navigation, navigators, wanderers, questers, and goodly lycanthropes. She has the following Orders
  • Swords of the Lady:
    One order of fanatic Selūnites is known as the Swords of the Lady, who are often referred to colloquially as the "Lunatics." Its members are led by a few Selūnite crusaders who tend to act rapidly in response to threats from Shar and her priesthood, although their behaviour is often viewed as bizarre by the public at large.
  • Oracles of the Moon:
    The Oracles of the Moon is a group of female diviners who worship the Night White Lady. They perform fortune-telling rituals and are some of the highest bards and priests in the faith.
  • Pact of the New Moon:
    Consists solely of lycanthropes sworn to Selūne, carrying out the most secretive and violent aspects of Selūne's work. Selūne grants these lycanthropes abilities other lycanthropes lack, such as an ability to speak in wolf form, also allowing her followers to invoke prayers and cast spells, rapid shapeshifting and increased strength. Was once declared heretical and anathema for espousing the Heresy of the New Moon but was renewed by Selūne's direct order in a vision to one of her lycanthrope priestesses.
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