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Default Re: Moon Priests/Priestesses

In my setting, there is an evil sun god, a not so evil sun goddess, and a moon goddess.

The morning sun is the cruel and wicked awakener, destroyer of dreams. He's basically a parody of Zeus given a solar theme in appearance, attitude, and action (hence, evil by my Judeo-Christian standards).

The evening sun is the patroness of agriculture, marriage, and the home. She doesn't care much about love or passion in the marriage, but only the duty towards reproduction and the honoring of vows.

The moon is the patroness of hunting, dreams, navigation, and passionate intimacy. She loves nothing more than finding young couples of superficially unlikely pairings (knight/thief, elf/dwarf, princess/dragon, cat/mouse, etc) that would complement each other and giving them dreams to guide them toward each other. She is the sister of the evening sun.
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