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You could also smoke them to clean them up a little and help preserve them. Sewing them together would be more problematic, but you could use birch strips or wolf gut for that.
If they only have a knife to work with, then that means no axe to cut down trees. So you would be reliant on deadfall, and even that is limited to what you can carry. So you would want to make a furnace and some sort of flue to trap the smoke and direct it to the hide(which you would want to make into a bag shape to catch the smoke). Really, that's preferable to an open flame because you can control it much better, as well as control the amount of fuel you waste.

A furnace can be readily made from rocks, but you need to seal the gaps with something. Where I live, it was customary for moonshiners to build their furnaces out of fieldstone and use the red clay that is widespread here to seal them up. But I don't know if Sweden has that sort of clay.
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