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Default Re: Five Earths, All in a Row

I'll probably post another vignette, pretty soon. A guy at work who's very much into Japanese History had some ideas about how Imperial Japan on Dp-Earth might react to the rather... strident advice received from private Japanese citizens about how to conduct its foreign and military policy.

Also, what happens on Inp-Earth, when American citizens start to see speeches by unapologetic Dp-Earth Dixiecrats in response to the upsurge in Civil Rights activism, triggered by the knowledge of Barack Obama's presidency. Does southern conservatism suffer a brutal backlash? How do southerners react to some of the speeches by a young Strom Thurmond?

Additionally, as Prince Charon continues his timeline, what happens when the packages dispatched by the Negro Commander-in-Chief of Inp-Earth's United States military arrive in Germany, and the Dixiecrats (and everybody else) start to grasp exactly why the United States is called the Inp-Earth's only remaining superpower.

Moreover, how does the Obama administration respond to requests by ambassadors from the other worlds for access to the history section of the Library of Congress?

Finally, the U.S. government on Inp-Earth knows something the rest of the Earth's do not. The Inp-Earth's mastery of information technology means the war on Dp-Earth will very likely end ahead of schedule, because the ability of the Inp-supporters means the Allies could very well turn the Axis powers into road-kill.

The United States National Security Agency on Inp-Earth will crack every code, every cypher, thought up by the Axis powers, within a day. The incredible resolution of Inp-Earth's optical technology means that, not only will the Allies have a steady feed of decrypted Axis radio traffic, they'll have constant reports of Axis troop movements that are only a few minutes behind real time.

The assistance of its Inp-Earth supporters will allow the Allied commanders to get inside the Axis decision-loop, and stay there until they render the Axis command-and-control structure utterly useless -- harmful, in fact, because the NSA, from across the solar system, will be able to tell the Allies how to hijack Axis radio communications at a time when it will do maximum possible damage.

Nobody on any of the other earths can possibly grasp the advantages offered by an information infrastructure of the magnitude enjoyed by Inp-Earth. The SIS and the guys at Bletchley Park may get enough of an inkling to become truly terrified of the capacity for masterful warfare at the command of NATO and Israel. I'd imagine Hitler and Tojo will struggle even more to understand the implications.

(But, does the Thule Society survive, and become a Fascistic terrorist organization capable surreal techno-magical violence? Does the rapid destruction of NAZI Germany trigger deep-seated resentment that results in covert assistance that makes HYDRA stronger than it otherwise would have been? And, if Japan doesn't get wiped out, do they maintain an East Asian empire based on the sort of unapologetic tyranny and oppression they've already displayed in Nanking?)

There are also some more prosaic concerns. Polio is still an active disease in much of Dp-Earth, while Stp-Earth and especially Cp-Earth (and probably Fa-Earth) continue to suffer epidemics of smallpox! I'd imagine the CDC on Inp-Earth will subject the ambassadors from those worlds to some pretty intensive medical examinations, before they let them anywhere near a civilian population.
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