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Originally Posted by tshiggins View Post
Thanks. It was already going to run long, and if I'd put in the blow-by-blow of things from Cranston's perspective, I'd have been writing all night. I also think this way evokes the reader's imagination (or at least, that's what I was trying for...), and may make it more dramatic.

It also demonstrates that the world isn't brightly four-colored, just because it has supers in it. Some of those pulp-magazine characters would have looked like psychopaths (heck, some of them were psychopaths) to those who stumbled across the aftermath of their "adventures."
Oh, yes. This is a Wold Newton Earth, after all, as much as it is a comic book Earth, and a real Earth.

On another note, the promised Creative Writing thread now exists. I hope you'll post your excellent story, there, and anyone else with a story in this setting will, as well.
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